The lake revisited!

Being so close to Lake Ontario, we have numerous parks and trails which provide access to the water and, given that we have been having some glorious weather, decided to drive Ray to a park a short drive west of us.

From there we would walk to another park further west which then puts us right in Bronte Village, a small community which was absorbed by Oakville many years ago and has been working on maintaining its own identity ever since! Ray has been to Bronte Village a couple of times because that is where our nearest dog-friendly cafe is located!

This was an uneventful day until we had parked the car and were heading into Bronte Village along a lake edge trail. Lake Ontario’s bed around here generally consists of small flat stones which tend to be a little slippery so the footing is not good. Once Ray gets into the lake, and noting that he is always leashed, any sudden leaping around on his part can be “precarious” as the leash holder tries to stay vertical!

As we were getting close to Bronte Marina, we noticed that the shoreline was, for a short way, just sand and isolated stones. Further, we could see that the sandy bottom extended quite a way into the lake. While we were taking all this in, Ray decided that this would be an excellent place to paddle and started making a direct line to the water.

I had not planned on paddling out into the lake but as I was wearing shorts and sandals, and as Ray clearly wanted to go in the water ………… then into the water we both went! I had forgotten how cold water can feel on a hot day!


Ray initially wandered along the waters’ edge (probably about 3” deep) and seemed very happy and totally ignored my utterings about the water temperature. After a few minutes of paddling in the shallows he decided to head out into the lake with yours truly in tow. Fortunately, as is his habit, he turned around as soon as the water touched his stomach (and I had really cold water well up my calves)!

Everything was under control as we both paddled around, with Ray occasionally dipping his head at something of interest below the surface. He then suddenly started leaping around and  splashing water everywhere, and then decided to head for the dry sand and shake himself off! Fortunately, I was able to stay on my feet while hanging on to his leash however, my shorts were splashed in the most “inconvenient” of places.

P1070559CROur plan was to go to a cafe we knew that had an outdoor seating area and enjoy possibly a latte. It was not my plan to walk there with various splash marks on the front of my shorts but, other than a few questioning sideways glances from people, it was not a major issue! In fact, after about 15 minutes, the wet spots were barely noticeable! Thanks Ray. There’s nothing like making somebody feel rather self-conscious for a short while!

16 thoughts on “The lake revisited!

  1. Nothing like fun on the beach with dogs! B & O are the same way. . Water touches belly and we’re done. So wonderful to see the fun in their eyes while they play!

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    • Yes it is fun to watch Ray play (as it is to watch any child play) but the fun takes on a whole new meaning when one reflects that, not too long ago, he did not seem to know how to play. Life was just too serious for him.

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  2. Lovely pictures. Maggie loves the water and one of the places we always used to take her was a park that backed on to the beach. She would be in faster than we could call her back, jumping off or over the groynes going out into the sea, then swimming back to shore.
    Still, you know what they say, there’s nothing more affectionate than a wet dog (and I bet Ray’s no exception)!

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  3. Heading to Lake Michigan myself, Colin! Love these photos of you and Ray — but I also know how COLD those Great Lakes can be, even in summer (Lake Superior is ridiculous). Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

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    • Interesting thought because he has been assumed to be a service dog on a number of occasion. Naive me has been thinking that it was because he was so well behaved. Perhaps they were making the connection because I had my “obvious” issues!

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