Self Control!

Here are three short stories with a common theme:

1.  A month or two ago, and during the late evening, Ray was being really good and looking totally adorable so I thought that a treat would be in order.  I went to “his” cupboard and took out a bag of biscuits and put it on the kitchen table while I opened the air tight seal.  I took out one biscuit; resealed the bag and gave him his biscuit which he clearly enjoyed. Remember that Ray sleeps in the kitchen!

2. Because of our constant endeavors to teach Ray that people and dogs mean treats (remembering that he was afraid of both people and dogs when he moved in with us) we always have a ready supply of treats in a pocket somewhere! Treats are like poop bags …… we don’t leave home without them! One morning recently, we had a welcome temperature drop which dictated I put on my running jacket. This in turn dictated that I round up some loose treats and put them in my jacket pocket just in case they are needed. After the walk, I hung my jacket on a coat hook which is in our living room by our front door (the front door opens into the living room).

3. The other morning I was in the middle of getting his breakfast for him when I had an urgent call (use your imagination!) so I left his food bowl on the top of his den along with his tin of food without its lid.

What all three scenarios have in common is that Ray had easy, and unsupervised, access to food!

In 1 – The bag of biscuits was left out all night. I went in there around 5:00am as per my usual routine and, upon seeing the bag on the table, was expecting it to be  empty. He had, however,  clearly not touched it!

In 2 – We were in and out all day so he had many opportunities to go in my jacket pocket. It was not until the evening that we realized how good he was. He was clearly trying to communicate something to us and “show me” resulted in him going over to my jacket and pushing his nose into the treat pocket! Of course he was rewarded.

in 3 – I had put half of his breakfast in his bowl when I had to dash! I was only away for a few minutes, but that would have been ample time for Ray to empty his bowl and start on his tin of food! When I came back he was laying on the floor, which is his usual habit while he waits for his meals.

2013 11 22o (2)Ray pretending that those treats on his paws are not really there!

We truly have a very special dog here. Love you loads buddy!  🙂


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  1. You do indeed have a very special dog, one that realises he will be rewarded for good behaviour, and thus is prepared to wait.
    Maggie is similar. She knows where the treat box is (under the sink) and also the treat pocket (always nosed when we walk), though lately the pocket is empty as she was getting too excited and distracted on our walks. This pocket now houses poo bags, but she remains hopeful! However, if we stop for a pasty and coffee to people watch, she is also people watching……. US! (and yes, she does get some)

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