The Threat! (Part 1of 2)

We took Ray out for walk the other evening and, at least at the beginning, it seemed to be a typical uneventful walk. When we reached the end of our street, Ray took his usual turn towards “his” park but after a few steps, he stopped.

This was not uncommon and simply meant that Ray’s choice of route was different from the one that he believed we were taking, but this time was different.

When he wanted to voice his opinion on a route change, he would simply stand for a while and, if we didn’t “get the message” after a minute or two, he would sit down. This time he just stood still. Also, he would normally stare at us from both his standing, and sitting positions, but this time he was totally focused on something which was diagonally across the road.

We both looked in the direction that he was looking, hoping to see whatever had caught his attention so we could deal with it appropriately, but all we could see was a tree and a child’s car seat which we presumed was put out for garbage pickup the next day. Behind them, however, were fenced in gardens, driveways, garages, and houses and hedgerows. A typical residential area with poor visibility when looking for an unknown commodity on a darkening street!

Carol and I both visually scanned every possible area but to no avail. I decided to move down the road a little so that I could see if anything was behind the tree, but all seemed clear. Ray had, by now, dropped to a stalking position; his head was just below his shoulders, and a really deep rumbling growl was coming from him. A cat perhaps?

It was decided to take Ray directly across the road so that he could approach “the threat” from a different angle, and also give us an opportunity to see what we were going to be confronted with.

Once over the road, he made a sharp turn and cautiously moved down the sidewalk.

His body language was quite amazing because not only was he stalking his quarry (or perhaps simply approaching with extreme caution) but he was so tense. I am sure that if I had dropped something close behind him, the noise would have sent him vertically upwards to a great height!

As we approached the tree he slowed down a little and every movement seemed so calculated. We were both looking everywhere for “the threat” but saw nothing to justify his behavior. He moved on passed the tree and then we saw it!

To be continued tomorrow ………………………

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  1. My dog is a black Lab and he can sense what we cannot really see. Sometimes his act can scares me when we entering the woods in the early morning autumn to do jogging … I was followed by something “unseen” the last year and the woods are foggy … I got goosebumps for awhile! 😛

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      • We have foxes here, but rarely appearing. Other kinds of forest creatures such as deers are common in this place. We have no wolves in this part of the wood. A year ago some explorer found traces of wolves coming in the border and are happy to accepting their appearance since in Germany we had lost too many wild lifes in the hands of the hunters or heartless pochers who wants to sell these creatures off.

        But the one that followed me in the woods is not or not that of an animal. I told the police of this and they went to the woods to investigate. But I am not that surprised to find that the police told me of boot prints – could be a pervert lurking between the trees wanting to do the evil deeds to terrorize lonely woman walking. But I guessed, he was that frightened because I have a giant black lab that looks some kind of a devil dog in the fog. Hah! Serves him right for sure.

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  2. You are a nice story teller.. 🙂
    But right now I feel like threatening you for stopping it right there… 😉

    I must be warned at the title and must have waited till I get the 2/2.. 😉 Eagerly waiting.. 🙂

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