Dear Diary – Page 55 (Early 1960’s – G.C.E. Results)

The G.C.E. “O” Level examinations were scheduled before the Summer holidays, with an option to re-take any subjects as necessary before the Christmas holidays. As I was not due to start College in Cardiff until January 1964, that would be very convenient if I had problems!

During the summer holidays, I received an envelope containing my G.C.E. “O” Level Certificate. Only one subject, English Language, was listed. I remember so well the disappointment as the reality set in that I had failed all but one subject. Even Art! I used be at, or very close to, the top of Art class throughout my 5 years at school. How could I have possibly failed Art?

I cannot remember too much being said around the home, but clearly I was going back to school after the summer holidays!

That final term of school was totally dedicated to those failed subjects. I questioned my Art teacher about how I could possibly have failed but, not being involved in the markings of these examinations*, he had no answer.

I cannot remember the details of the Art examination, but do seem to recall that they included a “Still life”, “Human Study”, and an “Imaginative Painting” . The latter involved making a selection from a short list of subjects provided, one of which was “A Day at the Seaside”. My painting was a view along a typical English pier, showing the various amusement stalls and lots of colored lamps strung along the length of the pier. There were crowds of people just milling around the stalls. I recall being very pleased with the way it  looked and had no doubts that my Art was an easy “O” Level.

In my second attempt at Art I took the choice of “Market Day”. I had already concluded that marking art was a very subjective process which was clearly complicated by personal taste, and so I deliberately chose “Market Day” because I could simply repeat my “A Day at the Seaside” painting. Instead of amusement stalls, I had produce (vegetables etc) stalls. The lighting and everything else was as close as I could get to my original painting. In my own way, I guess I was either protesting, or testing (probably both!) the “system”.

Just before Christmas, I received an envelope containing my G.C.E. “O” Level Certificate covering the second set of examinations. Listed on it were English Literature, French, Art and Mathematics! I had my required 5 including Mathematics and English Language! That result said so much about the integrity and/or validity of marking Art!

*I believe that the marking of “O” Level examinations was distributed around various schools such that no school teacher would be marking papers from their own school.

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  1. Wow! I can only imagine how upset you must have been at first, and some I believe would have totally given up, but not you! You persevered and you were rewarded for your effort. I am thinking that you were pretty happy with your 2nd round of test scores! A great Christmas gift! 🙂 I would say you could have gone out on your bicycle and taken a victory ride, but it was probably pretty cold then.

    Do you still have any pieces of your artwork? I really liked the train you drew and would like to see more if you have them.

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    • That train pen/ink drawing is all I have. I did do an oil painting of an MGB for my ex’s uncle back in the 70’s. I have a pic of it somewhere. I also did a gymnast for Mel, and the painting for “Journey Through a Picture”.

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      • If you come across the oil painting that would be nice to see.
        Oh yes, can’t forget the “Journey Through a Picture” painting!
        I think you maybe should try your hand at painting again, you never know. 🙂

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        • Sadly no time currently. I have not picked up a guitar recently; had neither my road nor mountain bike out; done no running, and have a list of things “to do” above all those things! Just not enough hours in the day to do all the things that I would like to do!


  2. My children will tell me I’m wrong, but I am sure the exams used to be a lot harder in the days of the old ‘O’ levels. Do you think failing most of them the first time round actually did you some good, made you more determined?

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    • Hi Mir – I think they were a valuable lesson in disappointment; how to deal with it; how to move past it. I really don’t think that I was any more determined because I believe that I did my best (and you cannot do better than that can you.).

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    • To be honest Kate, I really don’t know. I was, in general, an average student and not being in any social groups, I have no idea how other students did. I probably could have done better if I had been allowed to focus on the subjects that mattered to me rather than being forced to take all of them. I know I “burned a lot of midnight oil” in preparation for them, and that would have made the results even more disappointing.

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