Dear Readers

Dear Wonderful Readers:

In the immediate short term, I will only have sporadic access to the internet and so daily Posts are far from guaranteed.

Those of you who have checked the Follow button, will of course receive emails as soon as there is any Blog activity. Those of you who just visit periodically, please give consideration to becoming a Follower as I would hate to lose you as a result of a short time of potential inactivity. Be assured that all will eventually return to normal.

I have loved reading your Comments and, as most of you know, get great pleasure out of responding to them which often develops into short dialogues. Receiving Comments is a bit like accidentally meeting some friends in town, and having a coffee and a chat before going our separate ways!

As soon as things get back to normal, I shall start publishing Posts and responding once again to all Comments and Emails awaiting my attention.

Take care everybody. “See you” all again very soon! 🙂



13 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Thank you for letting us know. I am gone for the next two weeks and not able to read posts. But I am glad you tell us in order to not make us worry! I see it the same way with chatting and commenting…. I always have my coffee on the table then… 😉 Take good care, Colin!

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