A very long walk – Part II

The impact of what I had done hit me as I was standing at the back door, fumbling through my pockets looking for the house keys! Of course, they were hanging from the ignition switch securely locked in the car.

Our house doors have dead bolts; our windows securely locked, and Toyotas are not the easiest of vehicles to break into without doing serious damage; Ray had not had any water in over 2 hours; the temperature was dropping; rain was imminent; it was now around 3:30pm and Carol was expected home around 5:00-5:30pm; Ray didn’t like the neighbors on one side of us, and other neighbors were at work!

We could curl up in a garden shed and wait, but they were also locked. I decided to take Ray on another walk, just to kill the time and stay warm until Carol came home, so we headed off to Lululemon. Not only would he be pleased to be going there, but they would have a bowl of water for him! Ray was not too excited about going on another walk. Whether he was tired, or whether this double walk was simply not “the routine”, I of course can never know but, with some persuasion, we headed downtown. Once Ray got his head around the fact that we were going in the direction of Lululemon, he was with me all the way!

At Lululemon, the staff greeted him and he had his biscuit, after which he went outside and drank from their water bowl. It was now around 4:00pm so what to do? There is a butcher that always has a BBQ going outside the store, from which they sell sausages on buns! I had not had one of those for quite some time so off we went. With me holding a sausage on a bun, I thought that Ray would follow me anywhere. He did!

He followed me into a building that not only serves a number of apartments, but is also access to public washrooms. The entrance area is heated, which was the main reason for going in there. We both sat on the floor, leaning against a wall, and devoured our treat! Ray did not actually get any sausage, but he did get a number of small pieces of the bun suitably covered in sausage juices. He didn’t complain!

Not wishing to outstay our welcome, we then continued on our impromptu walk and I decided that if we incorporated a significant detour, we could be back around 5:15pm. As soon as we started heading in the general direction of home, Ray eagerly took the lead. As soon as we did not take the traditional turns, he balked and seemed a little confused. We ended up with a compromise wherein he sometimes had no choice, while at other times I let him have his way. We were going to be home a little earlier than planned, but could always “do the block” a few times until Carol arrived!

We were about 5 minutes from home when the forecast evening rain started and, while I had no problem with walking around for a bit longer, being cold and wet was not very attractive so, much to Ray’s delight, we headed for home to the shelter of our front porch via the most direct route!

As we turned on to our street (a little after 5:00pm) I saw Carol’s car reversing into our driveway. We were soon in the house and Ray, after having his dinner, “crashed” on one of his beds. The poor guy had been on his feet, and moving around almost continuously, for the past 4 hours! It certainly was a very long walk.

19 thoughts on “A very long walk – Part II

  1. Oh my, a extra little adventure added to your day. 🙂 I can believe Ray “crashed!”
    So did you end up hiding a key outside your house in case your “oops” happened again, and did it happen again? Just asking. 🙂

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  2. Oh yes, been there! We now have spare keys hidden away, due to the number of times I’ve found myself with dogs and cats wondering why the silly human doesn’t just open the door and feed them – more of a priority than me needing the bathroom or anything minor like that! I feel your pain but appreciate the adventure 🙂

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    • Hi Carolyn. Yes, my priorities are likely to be more “urgent” than Ray’s could ever be when locked out. I can’t even leave him outside on his own while I test my neighbor’s sense of empathy and understanding! 🙂

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  3. Locking keys in the car, yep, my Dad did that, and didn’t realise until we were at the top of The Wallace Monument! He then spent the remainder of our visit working out how to get them.
    My friend locked hers in her car and Hubby saved the day without causing any damage (he knows a trick or two). She told me to keep him as he was useful (so I did) 🙂
    Poor Ray, I bet he slept for hours, bless him.

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  4. Back in my “Dutch” (my shepherd) days I arrived home early in the morning after a midnight shift. The Child Bride had not become a stay at home Bride yet and was at work. Dutch was in the garage sleeping. I got to the front door and discovered that sometime during the night, the house key had become a casualty of the comings and goings of my busy shift. It may have been the fight with the drunk at a bar or maybe the struggle with the drunk jerk at a family fight (alcohol was, of course, a major contributor to my work load) but the key was only half the required size to tumble the tumblers. Crap! Now, I was tired and ready to sleep for the day and the Child Bride was hours from returning, so alternate “entry” was required. I kept the garage side window open a bit for air flow for the dog (no worry about burglars with a black 85 pound furry guardian with big white teeth) so Dutch was excited that Dad was inventing a new game called “upside down slide down the wall face licking” and he joyously dove in. I fixed the bent window later that day after a few hours sleep and left early for work so I could return The Child Bride’s key after I had a duplicate made. Dutch didn’t seem to mind we never repeated the game. That night I started leaving my “personal” keys in my locker, safely away from my drunken workload.

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