At last – It’s available! (Update 13)

Well at last… Ray’s book is released!

It is currently only available from FriesenPress (link below)

All the major book retailers will be picking it up for distribution within the next few weeks so it will be available in paperback and hard copy from Ingram Wholesale,, Barnes & Noble and 35,000+ Retailers and Libraries (World wide distribution). eBook format will be available from Ingram Wholesale, Kindle Bookstore, Nook (Barnes & Noble) Bookstore, iTunes (Apple  iBookstore), Kobo (Chapters Indigo) Distribution, Google/Android Books Distribution and of course all formats will be available direct from FriesenPress.

Current technology allows for “print on demand” ordering which means that stores do not need to risk ordering large quantities of books, written by an unknown author, in order to get an attractive production cost. This means that you may not necessarily find Ray’s book on a book store display, but it can be ordered from any of the noted outlets (and many more smaller book retailers). I am given to understand that buying direct through FriesenPress Bookstore will offer a saving however, the major book retailers do have the right to discount as they deem necessary.

Finally, a reminder that 100% of the net profits from sales are being directed to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, being the organization that not only rescued Ray, but also put four months of work into making him a potential candidate for adoption. They have been (and still are) so supportive of us with Ray, and have helped us in so many ways, that the least I can do is promote the book on their behalf. I sincerely hope that the pleasure I have had living with, and writing about, Ray will be shared with many readers.

It is has been suggested that a box of Kleenex (or similar) tissues may come in useful during some parts of Ray’s story. To anybody new to Ray, no… he does not die! In fact he is still very much alive and sharing his life with us!

50 thoughts on “At last – It’s available! (Update 13)

  1. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment!!! You all need to celebrate and Ray deserves a special treat as well! I will definitely be getting a copy! OH my on the tissues! I cry at tv shows, movies and books!

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    • Thanks Prajakta. If you enjoy reading about Ray, which I am sure you will, then please feel free to promote the book as it is a fund raiser for the Oakville & Milton Humane Society who rescued him.

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