Emotional writings (and book review)!

Again, I had no Post readily available for today (too pre-occupied with book stuff and other aspects of my life!) but when I logged in at just after 5:00am this morning… there it was… an email which would be the basis for today’s Post.

A short time ago, a Follower of quite some time now bought a copy of Ray’s book and, in the process of an email dialogue yesterday, I learned that she was just starting to read it. Given that it was quite late in her part of the world, I advised of one particular chapter which she may find quite emotional. I thought that she may like to either read through to that chapter to get it over with, or perhaps save that chapter for a more opportune moment. Below is the email that was waiting for me this morning:

“I am tired! BUT was worth staying up late for. So is that the saddest chapter in the book? Can I breathe now? 🙂 Of course I couldn’t just stop at that chapter, had to read to get to the better news even tho I already knew Ray survived I needed to read it! Then seeing that Melanie was in a chapter I had to read that. Have they become friends now? The part about Ray sobbing almost undid me!

I actually teared up even before Chapter 7, for reading about how when you were visiting him and he came up to you just staring as he got closer and closer. How could you not pick to adopt him after that, he really did choose you :)”

Anybody who has written anything and evoked that kind of response will understand my elation. Writing a record of events is not that difficult really. All you need are the facts, the chronology, and the time to document everything. However, what you can end up with is a sterile, unemotional, technical document.

When writing his book, it was always my goal to try and transmit my emotions through to the reader. I would have to question the validity of writing if an event which was very emotional to me, was interpreted in a simple “matter of fact” way.

This email, while only from one person, was such a delight to read because regardless of how the book sells, I know that I achieved my goal. If one person can become so absorbed as to create an emotional response, then I am confident that many others will have a similar reaction. What more could I possibly ask for?


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  1. You know I barely had time to type that email and almost didn’t, but now am so glad I did 🙂 I glad I made you happy. For hey writing a book is hard work, I wanted you to know your work has paid off and I am confident that will just be one of the first favorable emails and reviews that you will get. ENJOY! And glad I inspired a post 🙂 now I gotta get busy with my post, tho a book is calling me 🙂

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