Mr Social Butterfly!

The Oakville & Milton Humane Society (the organization that rescued Ray and spent 4 months getting him to be a potential candidate for adoption!) had a craft/antique sale yesterday which we thought that we would visit. Many of the OMHS staff and volunteers would obviously be there, and so it would be a good opportunity for Ray to mix in a setting that would be busier than what he usually finds himself in.

Of course, not wishing to miss out on any opportunities to promote him, his Blog and his book, I took some promotional cards with me!

Ray behaved very well, and received treats appropriate for his behavior. He let a little girl give him a biscuit which she had apparently made especially for this event.  He took it really well (no grabbing), and I think it made her day! We met a number of people who were very taken with Ray (one guy even wanted to take him home!) and, much to Ray’s delight, he met some people that he knew including Heather (one of his favorite people – and dog trainer at OMHS).

With Heather was Genevieve, the trainer who orchestrated the Behavior Adjustment Training (B.A.T.) program which was so successful at getting Ray to be less intimidated by, and more social towards, other dogs. We simply expanded on the same technique to get him more accepting of people.

All in all, we had a lovely time wandering around and generally being ignored while Ray got all the attention…. and I was able to hand out all my book promo cards! Considering it was extremely hot and humid (I believe we hit 32C /90F), Ray survived. Needless to say that once we got home again, he crashed out (unless he heard something that could be food related!).

We are supposed to be dropping around 10 degrees tomorrow and he will no doubt love it! I won’t be complaining either! 🙂

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    • Actually it is not a problem. So many people used to ignore me before we had Ray and, while their attention is now caught, they still ignore me and focus on Ray! Nothing much has changed from that perspective!

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    • Hi Lori: We certainly are very proud of what he has accomplished, but we still have to be very alert especially when small children are around. We are 99% certain that he will be okay, but cannot afford to gamble on that 1%! A 75lbs dog lunging and barking at a child would be quite traumatic for the child. On this particular visit, there were three young children all wanting to touch him at the same time. I had to intervene and limit it to one at a time.

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  1. What a cool (but hot) outing, R. I am glad and not at all surprised that you were a big attraction. I am going to a craft show next week with Mom. Last time I went, I was afraid of the homemade soap booth and she had to carry me past it. She is hoping I will do better this time. Plus not be a “weirdo.”

    Love and licks,

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  2. I always feel for dogs in the heat. Maggie hates it, and you’d think surrounded by water, she’d jump in. It’s cooler today but we have thunder forecast, something she is definitely not happy about. Glad Ray had a good day. 🙂

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