… that’s our Ray!

We usually have Ray in a harness when we go out. This is to give us a little more control over him and, in the event that we do have to restrain him for any reason, it avoids potential pressure around his neck from his collar.

For those of you that have read his book*, you may remember that his harness almost certainly saved his life (Ref. Chapter 10).

Ray, not surprisingly, has never been particularly excited about wearing a harness, but he has usually been relatively co-operative.

His habit now though is that as soon as he sees me approaching with either his walking harness or his travel harness, he takes a walk around the house. It is virtually impossible to put the harness on him when he is walking away from me however, after a few minutes, he then stops and lets me pull the “top loop” over his head. With his walking harness, I pickup his right front leg and thread it through another loop and then reach over and pull the fastener up and click it into place. He will then quite happilyΒ  go outside and wait for his leash to be attached.

This morning he took it to a new , and surprising level and with his travel harness

As expected, as soon as he saw me pick it up, he decided to go for a walk around the house. Once he had stopped, I pulled the “top loop” over his head. With his travel harness, I have to pick up each of his front legs and thread them through their respective harness loops which involves bending his leg at the “knee” to get it through. He has traditionally just let each front leg go loose so that I can do that.

After I had the travel harness over his head I reached down to his right front leg but, before I could pick it up and bend it, he did it for me and just planted it right through the appropriate loop! As soon as I reached for his left front leg, He did exactly the same. All I had to do was clip the straps together over his shoulders!

Why would he make a token gesture of resistance to wearing a harness, and then put his front legs in the appropriate loops himself? There is no answer of course …. that’s our Ray!

* https://www.amazon.com/Who-Said-Was-Adoption-unsuspecting-ebook/dp/B01FIT5PAM/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1468699633&sr=1-1&keywords=who+said+i+was+up+for+adoption

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  1. I’ve been thinking about a harness for Kali. She rarely pulls on the leash but it does seem more practical and dignified. I’m curious to see how she will react. My expectation is that she will be very compliant but I won’t know until I try it. Kloe does not like the harness we tried on her but she;s only a pup so we’ll see…

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    • Our problem was controlling 75lbs of reactive dog with the least discomfort to him. He always wears a Martingale collar but there is always the possibility that, in particularly active circumstances, he might just slip out of it. He cannot slip out of his harness. There is also the benefit of leash clip-on options – the collar? the harness? both the collar and harness together? As for initially getting him used to it? It’s just the standard progressive positive reinforcement method.

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