An unplanned Post!

This Post is a tribute to an elderly friend who just passed away.

It was not entirely a surprise as she was well into her 90’s, and was recently having some difficulties, but the reality of the actual passing was still very sad news.

We met in the mid/late 1990’s under rather unusual conditions (details will remain private for the time being) and she made it clear that I was welcome into their home. When my mother passed away, she was very supportive and while I did not have a need for another “Mom”, she did seem to slide into that role without any reservations.

I would be invited over to dinner on some Sundays and, while other family members were taking care of the dinner preparations, she and I would sit on the sofa and chat about family, my background, and pretty much anything else that happened to come up. On a number of occasions, she seemed to take great delight in taking me on a “tour” through various old photograph albums. If she was busy, she would make sure that I had some National Geographic or other magazines to occupy my time until she could join me.

She seemed to have a “soft spot” for the English (at least that was my sense), and she certainly liked my accent although she was constantly asking me to repeat myself. I tend to talk quite fast if I am interested in something!

She had a real love of glittery greetings cards and, for her birthday and at Christmas, I would search through our card stores to find the card with the most glitter on it! She was a gentle soul with a lovely smile that encompassed her complete face, and I would love to see that smile as she saw the glittery card, and read the personal message inside.

When her husband passed away, she soldiered on as best she could and still entertained the family at weekends.  In fact, up until the time when it was physically very difficult for her to move around, she appeared to carry the role of family head very effectively.

I have to smile to myself when I think of the reunion with her husband. He was quite a demonstrative person, and I can well imagine him saying “At last! What on earth kept you? Do you know how long I’ve been here waiting for you?”

Rest in peace dear friend. Your work here is done, and you are no longer shackled by the limitations of your body. Now you are free!

Perhaps we’ll meet again at some time in the future. I do hope so.

Note: Tags are used in Blogging to attract attention from various search engines. Out of respect for this lady, there are no Tags. I wanted this Post to be public simply because I wanted to share a tiny piece of her life with my current Followers, some of whom have been with me for well over 2 years now..

27 thoughts on “An unplanned Post!

  1. Lovely memories. So sad, though; we extend our sympathy. Mom lost a dear friend to a severe stroke last year, it was quite sudden – and she still has a hard time with it. Sending soft tail wags and woofs to you during this sensitive time. Love, Maggie and Mom

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  2. It is hard when anyone passes that we have known for a long time, even if they are old. My own post today is similar, as my Elderly of 97 years recently died.
    My condolences to you and your friend’s family.

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  3. What a lovely tribute Colin. I am so sorry for your loss of a dear friend! I am sure you brought joy to her life, just like she brought to yours. I can imagine the smile in her heart at your thoughtfulness of getting her glittery cards. Sounds like you both were meant to meet and be there for each other, and that the rewards of the friendship were priceless!

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