“Full Moon”

A few weeks ago, I broke from my usual Post pattern and introduced a song which I particularly liked. I have a quite large and varied music library, and every so often my iPod is on random play and delivers to me a wonderful memory of long ago…. which it did at 3:30am this morning when I could not sleep.

“Stranger on the Shore” is a beautiful piece for clarinet released in 1961, composed and played by the late Acker Bilk. Jazz was not one of my main interests at the time, but “Stranger on the Shore” made its impact as a very emotional piece. It also changed my perspective of clarinets!

The piece I am going to link to today was released in 1977 and, much as I loved the vocals, there was a bonus – a wonderful clarinet solo in the middle.Β  The final vocal tone of the song is beautifully picked up, almost seamlessly, by the clarinet. Needless to say, the clarinet was a “guest appearance” by the same late Acker Bilk!

I hope you enjoy one of Sandy Denny’s wonderful presentations – “Full Moon”. For the romantics out there, I dare you not to be moved!

Everybody else has gone,
But you’re still here with me.
All the world is sleeping by and by.
Through the windowpane
The frosted light is streaming in,
Full moon sailing high across the sky.
Tonight is like the night when we first met.
I always knew I never would forget you.

Come and hold me close,
I miss you more than I can say.
I can’t remember how I pass the time (with you away),
Wondering if you’ll ever know
How much you mean to me.
I never dreamed there’d be a change of mind.
Lover, this is where I want to stay.
Maybe it could always be this way.

I recall you said to me
A long, long time ago,
Don’t you lose direction in the crowd (I think you could).
But when I did you found me
And I didn’t even know.
I hardly even knew you were around and understood.
I was reaching out each moment to be free.
You were all those things I’d never be.

Gentle music, rock away the sadnesses in me.
Rock away my lonely yesterdays,
Like pennies on the ocean
‘Til no trace of them I see,
‘Till moonlight shows no ripples on the waves.
And then the clear reflection will remain.
Perhaps the same reflection
Of that same full moon.


40 thoughts on ““Full Moon”

  1. I do like Sandy Denny, you don’t hear from her very often. Acker Bilk also a favourite. I remember when I was young there was a TV serial called Stranger on the Shore and the Acker Bilk track was the theme.

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  2. You have taken me back to a time in distant memory! I only know of Mr. Acker Bilk because my younger brother was such a fan, introduced by one of his music mentors. My brother played clarinet among every other wind instrument, as well as a self taught pianist. “Stranger on the Shore” was his favorite and he shared it with everyone. It is still beautiful now. Thank-you for evoking this wonderful memory! Please continue to share your eclectic tastes in music.

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