Scarf anybody?

Two weeks before Christmas (no snow!), we came across an interesting gesture that would have cost very little… but could make quite an impact:

I have seen similar gestures in the news media, so it cannot be claimed as an original thought.Β  I think it can however claim to be one more step in the process of helping our less fortunate colleagues and showing that we care*.

So many people would have been in a self-absorbed rush to get ready for Christmas… but what did it really take? A minimal (if any) cost; a few moments of time, and the thought that it is possible to help someone get just a little warmer.

Just thinking.

* If you are looking at this Post on a small screen, the note attached to the scarves reads “I am NOT lost! If you are cold, take me with you. God bless!”


27 thoughts on “Scarf anybody?

  1. Quick revisit to tell you that the scarves and gloves/mittens project has gone well. I’ve even enlisted help from neighbors. It has been bitter cold here in New England this week. I have been out morning and evening walking my visiting Granddog, almost freezing as this elderly pup is rather slow performing her duties…location is everything it seems! I can not imagine what one does without sufficient protection from the cold. My oldest daughter and I have gone through our closets and come up with 6 winter coats that are dry cleaned and in excellent condition, ready for donating to anyone in need at a local church location. We are encouraging the rest of our family & friends to follow suit right now. Thank-you for being the inspiration behind our efforts to help, even in this small way. My New Year’s Resolution never changes, I’ve ended one year and started on another implementing it : “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

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    • That is such good news Ellen. In my experience, the happiest people are those who give to help others. It seems to be the ones who live a self-focused life that are always complaining. Have a truly wonderful year. πŸ™‚


  2. What a fantabulous idea! I would add gloves and mittens with the scarves…I think that I will and I know just the spot to place them. Whilst I was walking my Son’s dog last night and I was feeling the bitter cold in my gloved old fingers, I thought “how can anyone survive being out here for very long” and prayed there was enough room in the shelters for all who need them. While this small gesture will not save the world, maybe it will warm my little corner. Thank-you Colin, for reminding us to think of others!

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    • Excellent idea Ellen. So many people just ignore the homeless issues because they believe that they are all taken care of in shelters etc., which could not be further from the truth. People also believe they are on the streets by choice and should therefore accept whatever conditions they face. Those same people should learn about the reasons behind choosing to live on the streets before making such statements. I have also heard indifference to homeless when they decline a shelter space. Again, they should take the trouble to learn the reasons for declining before passing judgement. Again……. excellent idea Ellen. I wonder how many scarfs and mitts are sitting in peoples drawers and not being used any more? πŸ™‚


  3. I had not seen anything like this before. I hope it “catches on” and lots more folks do this. Even though there are places that will give homeless folks warm clothes and shelter, some of these displaced souls won’t accept that kind of help. This is perfect.

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    • In our area, there are many places offering help… but they are always running out of basic needs so additional help like this is always welcomed. It is also invaluable in the outlaying areas which are not as effectively covered as within the major cities.

      Of course it also shows those people who are homeless that there are people who care about them and will help when possible. A little boost to their self-esteem; a little affirmation that they do in fact exist (most people tend to ignore them) … it is sad that the Christian teachings of compassion, love and understanding have got buried somewhere in our culture.

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    • Hi Hester. Yes there really are, and we must focus on that fact rather than get drawn into the “dismal state of society” that gets the on the TV News every day. There really are so many people doing wonderful things but, sadly, they are the unsung heroes of our time. We must hope that such examples of being human(e) will be adopted by others so that the “care for one another” perspective grows. πŸ™‚

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