Secrets between people are a wonderful way of complicating life in general but, some times, they can be logically justified … just as they can logically unravel in the most inopportune moments!

In November 2012, I decided that I might possibly like a dog in my life. I had known for many yearsΒ  that Carol loved dogs, but I had a German Shepherd bite in my background which brought the whole idea into question.

As I needed to research the idea further, I introduced myself to our local Humane Society (OMHS) and presented them with my dilemma. It should be noted that I had already retired from work, but Carol was still working, so she had no idea what I did during the day!

Below is copied from my book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” I would suggest that the pale blue Smiley Moment box be read after the surrounding text (on white background)!

Book Extract 1

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  1. I just want to add that Who Said I Was Up for Adoption is a really good read, one I enjoyed immensely! It includes a little bit of dog-training advice and psychology, a little bit of humor and a lot of love. If you haven’t read it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

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  2. A very good secret to have!! I love this story πŸ™‚

    I had kept a secret from a friend, let’s call him Alex, for many years (namely that I was in love with him), and your article reminded me of it. My secret was innocently guessed at by another friend, Lewis, who didn’t realise it was for real – and I was too slow to correct him. I was stunned, to be honest, that he could have guessed so correctly. Kinda sucked though that Alex was sitting opposite me at the time. It has been a bit awkward since, but I’m still friends with both of them (Alex didnt like me back sadly).

    The actual converstion went something like this (please note I was tipsy at the time, otherwise I would have denied it):

    Me: You’ll NEVER guess my secret!
    Lewis: Um… you’re in love with Alex!!
    Me: -_-
    Lewis: 0_0
    Alex: -_-

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  3. I really did not want the hassle of owning a dog. My daughter had been begging for a while so I finally gave in. She had asked for a specific kind of a dog and I knew it was a slim chance we would find one of them at the shelter so we when we happen to drive by I thought, sure why not. Sure enough the dog she wanted was not there. And then I saw “Blue”. I don’t know what the hell happened. Even now after a few months I can’t explain it. But it is the best thing that could have happened to us. We love Blue and don’t know what we’d do with out him. And he’s a real chick magnet, so yeah, there is that. Love your blog! – Robert

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    • Hi Robert. Welcome to my Blog. So glad that Blue is fitting in to your family. A major problem with getting a pet for one’s child is that when the child goes away to college/university (or whatever), it’s the parents who are left with the pet. Sounds like you have everything under control (or at least Blue does!). πŸ™‚

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      • lol she didn’t wait for college. He is all hers, but I do all the maintenance. Lol. I saw that coming though and it’s not a problem for me. If you get a chance check out my latest post about the top 10 things I tell my dog. There might be a few there that you do too. But probably quite a few that you do not. lol. Great post. I’ll follow along. – Robert

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  4. I do admire you for taking the time and effort to find out what dog ownership really involves before just going there and coming home with a dog – as Many people do. This is why so many are returned. Also, that you took the time to find the Right dog-match for your family and your lifestyle. πŸ™‚

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