20% Discount!


Hi everybody! My book about the trials and tribulations – the peaks and valleys – the emotional roller coaster ride – the stories covering the first eighteen months after being adopted by Ray … is being offered in paperback and hard cover formats from Friesen Press Bookstore at 20% off the regular price during this month (April).


While this discount has been arranged with Friesen Press, all the usual on-line book retailers have this book available to them and may well offer their own sales pricing.

Below is an amazon review:

“This is the story of the connection between an antisocial, sad stray dog and a human who had no clue what he was getting into. It’s a fun and interesting read. The dog is 75 lbs. of determination and strength that can be quite a challenge. As the story is told you can see the connection, cautious at first, continue to form a firm bond. The stories are funny, sad and some are heart breaking. It’s a must read for any dog person especially if you’ve rescued one. Even if you don’t have a dog (I don’t), it will tug at your heart strings.”

* ** *** ** *

Here is a book that will make you feel for our hero (Ray) in the early chapters, but you’ll be cheering for him later on and, unlike many dog stories, our hero does not die in the final chapter. He is still alive and well.

Treat yourself at this sale price, and buy your best friend a copy! Perhaps your Mom would love it, and you can write “Really love you Mom. Thank you for just being the best Mom ever” on the inside. It might become a family heirloom because of your personal touch.

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