“Midnight in Moscow”

Those of you who have been following my musical Saturdays will know that my taste in music is broad, a fact of which I take full advantage with these Saturday Posts!  This piece was very popular in 1961 (I was around 15!) and, like many of my other Saturday choices, is once again a little different. I defy anybody to listen to it, and not find a foot or two tapping away! Enjoy … and watch your feet!

Sorry about the 15 secs silence at the beginning, but you can always drag the cursor along to the 15s mark … or you can simply be patient! 🙂

18 thoughts on ““Midnight in Moscow”

  1. Yes my foot was tapping, couldn’t resist.
    I found the name interesting too, just like the tune.
    “Midnight in Moscow” , makes you think of a clear night and the full moon shining. The clock strikes midnight as Cinderella hurries to leave the Ball.

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  2. I waited, it was well worth the wait! I don’t remember this Kenny Ball recording, but it did seem familiar. After a bit of research, I found the Chad Mitchell Trio recording of Moscow Nights and this I do remember. A very different interpretation of the original Moscow Nights by both… yet, each is quite enjoyable listening for me. Thank-you!

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