“You’re Beautiful”

James Blunt was an unknown to me until this song was released. I love it because while it may seem like just another “heartbreak” song, it goes further in that the singer is recognizing both the futility of the “dream” (probably much like my infatuation in the 1960’s with Marianne Faithfull) and, more importantly, a recognition of his own inadequacy (drug addiction).  Generally a little different from the average “failed romance” songs of the time (2004).

37 thoughts on ““You’re Beautiful”

    • Given that the1960s -1970s were my “impressionable” years, musically speaking, I am always thrilled when a more modern song gets my attention. James Blunt certainly did that with “You’re Beautiful” and, as you noted, a few others.

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  1. James Blunt would be an unknown to me, were it not for my two daughters. One Christmas Eve long ago, the oldest daughter and her then boyfriend had a painful break-up. The younger daughter gave big sis Blunt’s Return to Bedlam album, her own copy. I heard the song, “Goodbye My Lover”, at least a thousand times that week amidst her sorrow and tears. Later, I heard the entire album and this song frequently. This is the first time that I’ve seen the video and I’m curious if she has too. A bit eerie and sad. Thank-you!

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  2. Ahh! A great pick for today. it was a dreary rainy day outside and this song is a sad but yet wonderful song. I really like his voice and have listened to this song numerous times, but I never knew about the drug addiction. Funny how you can listen to a song so often but never pick up on some things. Knowing that adds an even sadder touch to the song.

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  3. He has such a haunting voice. I remember hearing this song but I had no idea it had anything to do with drug addiction. I missed the line about him being high and had never seen the video. Wow!

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