It crossed my mind that for all the musical talent we have in Canada, I have not been representing it too well here. I have eight Sarah McLachlan albums*** and, while there are so many songs that I really like, I decided to use “Angel” as her debut “appearance” here! Enjoy!

*** – “Angel” is from her 1997 albumΒ  “Surfacing”.

16 thoughts on ““Angel”

  1. I could not tell a Canadian anything that he does not already know about Sarah McLachlan. Your eight albums are more than the six that I own. You have chosen well, this is my favorite song by Sarah. I am a lover of Angels since childhood and this song is perfect for me! Thank-you! P.S. Total aside, Benjamin will be sending a “letter” to you tomorrow.

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  2. Ahh! An artist that I know! I love Sarah’s voice, and this song has long been one of my favorites of hers. One of those songs that seem to just carry you away, as it touches your heart. Perfect choice for a “debut” song. πŸ™‚

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