Just a pic but …

The picture (below) says so many things:

The ice is expanding out into the lake. Lake Ontario will not freeze over, but the ice will creep out quite a way before the Spring thaw.

Our temperatures are unusually low. Typically we are around -5C (23F) now but, with a brisk breeze, we have been in the -15C to -18C range (5F to -0.4F).

Grand-daughters are wonderful. Mine made me that hat many years ago.

Daughters are wonderful. Not only did mine raise a wonderful grand-daughter, she also made me that (very long and super thick) scarf!

You can see Carol’s shadow as she holds her ‘phone to take the pic and … finally …

You can see the shadow made by Ray’s leash which, if you follow to its conclusion, will show you a shadow of our beloved Ray!


28 thoughts on “Just a pic but …

  1. That’s really cold. We reached -14°C this over the weekend but only during the night hours. However, today we have almost the same temperature but plus. Crazy! I hope it is warming up at least a bit soon!

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  2. Great hat and scarf with a lot of love behind them! I remember Melanie talking about the scarf. But even with a.warm hat and a thick scarf I would not want to outside in those temps!! But nice pic, for me to look at from my warm house… under my cozy blanket. 🙂

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