A thought provoking video?

Every now and then, I see an ad on TV, or come across a short video, which makes a huge impression. I may not rush out and buy the product, but I will be in admiration of the creativity behind the ad. I may not save the short video as a favourite, but I will share it with anybody who is interested in my taste in sensitive videos. I will say no more, except that the link below goes to such a video.

The link below is an interesting read giving the background to the above linked video.


12 thoughts on “A thought provoking video?

  1. I understand the MAID program is somewhat controversial in Canada. I’ve heard of one guy who wanted to use it because he was about to become homeless. But I think it’s a great idea for people who have an irreversible medical condition that would leave them suffering for a long time.

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    • It certainly is controversial, especially as doctors agree to the “Hippocratic Oath” which commits them to preserving/saving life. It is my understanding that a doctor cannot be directed to cooperate with an assisted death request. From my perspective, it comes down to a quality of life issue.

      It is ironic that if my aging dog found himself in a lot of pain, and treatment may/may not resolve anything, I would have no hesitation in keeping him company while his favourite vet put him “to sleep”. In the context of assisted death, it would appear that our pets have a better system available to them than we do.

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