Animals for testing!

Monika’s Blog “Tails Around The Ranch” has today focused on companies that still test their product development on animals. I was not surprised that so many companies still do that, even though there has been some negative publicity these past few years on such practices. I am however, very surprised at the high-profile brands listed.

A link to the Blog is below, and followed by a suggested course of action if you are averse to such testing (copied from my Comment against Monika’s Blog Post).

Blog link:

“I am not surprised that so many companies do that, because money/profit still over-rides any thoughts of ethics, integrity and just the simple humane treatment of living beings. I am surprised at the high-profile names though. I would have expected more lesser known companies. It is a shame that we don’t have the same advertising budget as those companies so we could give them some major exposure which would affect their bottom-line. Shame on all of them. Perhaps if we all wrote to the companies who make “our” products and express our respective displeasure?”


Ray’s Meds Update

Ray’s anxiety medications were reduced by another 25% just over a week ago, so he is now on 50% of his original prescription. How is he doing?

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Some things haven’t changed!

Below is a copy of a Post from April 2015. Reading that Post, and reflecting on Ray’s life journey with us, I had to conclude that the recipe for having a happy home with a dog in it, is no different now than what it was when I wrote that Post. Continue reading

A Mouse Tale (Tail)?

We thought we had a 9:00am appointment earlier this week with the vet. It was time for Ray’s annual check up, and to review the heart-worm, flea and tick prevention programs.  Upon our arrival, we were told that our appointment was not until 9:50 … so what to do? Continue reading