November Anniversary!

November is the month that Ray was originally picked up by the Oakville & Milton Humane Society in 2012. Their trainers worked with him for about four months, before they thought that he was ready for adoption! Continue reading


“Guess what?”

Could not resist another pic of my favorite model, especially when I have no idea what message he was trying to convey! Continue reading

A Fall Walk!

The pics on Monday’s Post were taken on our journey home after a long trail walk, but today’s pic was taken during that walk. We had stopped to admire the tree lined trail, and all the trees surrounding us, and decided that it was an opportunity that could not be missed. Continue reading

Ray – Traveler!

When we decided to adopt Ray, it was suggested that we have a “trial run” at getting him into our vehicle as he had expressed reservations about motor vehicles. Perhaps he had been taken for a ride before being abandoned? Of course we can never know. Continue reading

Winter is coming!

The photograph (at bottom) was taken in March 2017, but part of it … the furry part …. could easily have represented yesterday!

We were out on our regular “Ray walk”, and he seemed quite disappointed with his normal “treat stops”.  Lululemon’s dog biscuit bowl was empty (and the staff were obviously busy), and the bank was closed.  Ray, in true Ray fashion, took it upon himself to resolve the problem and took charge of his walk. Continue reading

How smart is Ray?

I am periodically confronted by comments on how smart a dog, cat or other creature is … most of which I do not read, because the majority of them are little more than romantic notions supported with irrational and inconclusive evidence.

What does “smart” mean? Continue reading