“The Odessa Chronicles”

“The Odessa Chronicles” is a book of short stories which we know (from feedback) is entertaining for children of all ages. If you are still in touch with the child within you, then it could be just what you need to brighten up those overcast days!

What I discovered about writing fiction, is that there are occasions when the characters seem to leave their world and enter mine! In the story that follows, I found myself interviewing the title character … Odessa. It was quite an experience!


“The Odessa Chronicles” is available in eBook, paperback, and hard cover formats, and can be purchased from all the usual on-line book retailers.

This is one of my favorite NEW books!! I fell in love with all the characters! I would highly recommend this reading for ALL ages, I’m 62 and LOVED IT!!” (amazon.com)

A delightful book for all ages. Kids of all ages will enjoy following these unusual friends as they adventure through life together. Their crazy escapades and pranks are irresistibly entertaining while their unlikely friendship will tug at your heartstrings.” (amazon.com)

This is a whimsical collection of an unlikely crew that get into-and out of-all kinds of adventure and trouble together. It is a story of friendship and fun that will entertain almost any reader, young or old.” (amazon.com)

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Author Bio!

Author’s introductions to their books can be interesting and, while I have an intimate relationship with my history, I thought perhaps some of you would be interested in my books intros … courtesy amazon.com

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