Christmas thoughts!

How to promote a book that will have a limited market?

Unless there is a huge advertising budget, then it is very difficult however … reviews are very significant and important aspects of marketing.

Below is, to me, the ultimate review that I would dream about getting and, bonus, it is focused on “Just Thinking”- a book of easy to understand poetic verse about life.

The budding poet on your Christmas list (or perhaps yourself) would surely enjoy a book of “life poetry” which is easy to understand, and yet prove to be thought provoking.

Do you dare to explore my past, knowing that some aspects may well parallel your own history?

The review:

“MY ADVICE as an English major and having a Master’s in literature and being in LOVE with poetry is…BUY THIS BOOK. Colin’s poetry is not only understandable (although pieces of it come back to “haunt” me and I take the book down from my shelf and reread a particular poem often), but moving and interesting, and worth the price of the book. I even used one of his poems with my Advanced Writing Class, and it caused the most wonderful discussion and a real “ah-ha” teaching moment. I highly recommend it!”

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For more information about “Just Thinking”, please click/select the book cover in right column (may have to scroll to find it!).

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“My Dream”

November 11, being designated here as “Remembrance Day” is today acknowledging that 100 years ago, a devastating war concluded. Given that we were embroiled in another one just over 20 years later does pose the question “Didn’t we learning anything about ourselves?” Here we are in 2018 and, looking as far back as the end of WWII, I once again wonder “Why are we still not getting it?”

The following poem is from my book “Just Thinking” Continue reading

By Faith

About a week ago, I had a call from my daughter. She had come across something she had written many years earlier (in 1999) and wanted to read it to me. She has written some interesting, perceptive, and thought provoking pieces over the years, so I said yes, please read it to me. When she had finished, there was nothing said, until … “Melanie, would you mind sending me a copy of that?” Continue reading

“Crescent Moon”

“Just Thinking” (A little book, for when you have a little time, with some little writings, which may produce some little thoughts), was published in the latter part of last year and has already earned some interesting comments. One of the pieces (“Adrift”) was selected as a discussion point for students during National Poetry Month (USA). Continue reading

“Just a Man”

So many of us (perhaps all of us) have experienced times when our lives made no sense to us at all. Perhaps it was the residual effect of a traumatic experience, or perhaps we just found ourselves in  a state of absolute confusion.  What does one do when life appears to be pointless? What does one do when one feels isolated from the world around us? Sometimes clarity can come from a total stranger. Continue reading

“Elusive Dreams”

“Elusive Dreams” is copied from my book “Just Thinking” (link via book cover over in right column). All the poems in the book are very easy to understand. Some may provoke thoughts about life in general, or perhaps about your own life experiences, but none will leave you wondering “What on earth was that about?”! Continue reading