Christmas Gift planning!

If you have a dog lover on your Christmas gift list, then what could be better than a “feel good” story about a dog… and one who is still alive today. All profits from sales will be directed to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS). Continue reading


Christmas Books!

Friesen Press have just taken over the administration aspects of the book “Just Thinking”, so I now have the luxury of being able to track sales of both my books from the same website. I guess, as in life in general, one learns from one’s mistakes. Continue reading

Navigator Ray!

Once Ray started settling in to his new life here, and as I was already retired at that time, he and I used to go an various walks which slowly expanded his knowledge of our area. It was anticipated that this would get him more comfortable when out which would hopefully dictate a more relaxed Ray. Continue reading

The book about Ray!

One of the frequent comments made by people after reading “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, was how much they liked reading Ray’s perspective on things. When the book was being written, the intent was to write a simple autobiography, but then the idea came that Ray’s perspective would add a whole new dimension to his story.  Continue reading

Book Readings!

My readings of verse from my book “Just Thinking” seems to have generated encouraging responses (see “My Dream” and “Just a Rose”) so now I am thinking about reading extracts from “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” in the obvious hope that it will be a good marketing idea … which is very important to me given that both books are supporting specific causes (both are non-profit for me). Continue reading

Book Reviews & Indie Authors

Reviews, in general, I take rather lightly due to the potential for simple manipulation. When a waitress gives a restaurant a glowing review, and it happens to be where she works, one has to question the authenticity! Likewise when a number of product reviews link back to the manufacturer’s web site, one has to wonder just how impartial those reviews are. Continue reading