Secrets between people are a wonderful way of complicating life in general Continue reading


Welcome 2018!

Do some of you ever think back to twenty or thirty years ago, and wonder how you actually made it to 2018? Continue reading

Christmas Gift planning!

If you have a dog lover on your Christmas gift list, then what could be better than a “feel good” story about a dog… and one who is still alive today. All profits from sales will be directed to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS). Continue reading

Christmas Books!

Friesen Press have just taken over the administration aspects of the book “Just Thinking”, so I now have the luxury of being able to track sales of both my books from the same website. I guess, as in life in general, one learns from one’s mistakes. Continue reading

Navigator Ray!

Once Ray started settling in to his new life here, and as I was already retired at that time, he and I used to go an various walks which slowly expanded his knowledge of our area. It was anticipated that this would get him more comfortable when out which would hopefully dictate a more relaxed Ray. Continue reading

The book about Ray!

One of the frequent comments made by people after reading “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, was how much they liked reading Ray’s perspective on things. When the book was being written, the intent was to write a simple autobiography, but then the idea came that Ray’s perspective would add a whole new dimension to his story.  Continue reading

Book Readings!

My readings of verse from my book “Just Thinking” seems to have generated encouraging responses (see “My Dream” and “Just a Rose”) so now I am thinking about reading extracts from “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” in the obvious hope that it will be a good marketing idea … which is very important to me given that both books are supporting specific causes (both are non-profit for me). Continue reading