YouTube weird?

This morning, my Post included three YouTube links relating to “Black Horse and Cherry Tree”. The final link (at least on Carol’s iPad) shows KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” video!

I went back to my PC to check and I am showing “Black Horse and Cherry Tree”, so I have no idea why the inconsistency between devices.  Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated but, in the meantime, you may have to search YouTube if you want to see KT Tunstall using technology for “Black Horse and Cherry Tree”.

A big decision!

That subject was from my perspective and impacts me, so the rest of you can relax and get on with your days without any additional pressures! 🙂

So what was my decision? Continue reading

The Chalice … from where?

An advantage, and a frustration, of aging are the memory challenges. The advantage is that one is constantly faced with “teaser” questions about the past. There’s nothing quite like a good game of  “Who did what to whom?” or “Do you remember why we …..? Continue reading

What’s new?

Regular Followers of my Blog may well have noticed some inactivity these past two weeks. I had to do some traveling and, as is my habit, took my laptop with me. On the first day the laptop would not power up which, a local service business determined, was caused by an issue with the motherboard. Both the time required to fix the issue, and the associated cost, dictated that I wait until I get home before addressing the problem.

However, the two weeks proved to be very interesting. Those two weeks, and some interesting news from prior to my “off the net” adventure, will be posted here very shortly.

Stay tuned.

The Laws of Holes

The internet, and specifically blogging, allows us to express ourselves to the full extent of our comfort level with the public nature of this medium. It is therefore not uncommon to witness somebody digging themselves a hole, and The Laws of Holes will inevitably come up in subsequent comments. Continue reading

Politics & Religion!

Many bloggers will steer clear of politics and religion and, given the abusive nature of isolated comments that are usually generated from those topics, it’s an understandable position. While I can acknowledge the sensitivity of those areas (together with a few other areas), I do believe that feelings/opinions should be expressed. Continue reading