Dear Diary

There came a point in my life not too many years ago where I asked myself “Why am I, the way I am?” This was in no way a question based on perceived futility or any other negative connotation and, in fact, I was (and still am) extremely happy with who I am. The question was one of simple curiosity with the thought that answers would, without doubt, provide a greater understanding of me and, if anybody else can gain something from it … bonus!

The answers initially were not very complicated as I recalled certain key events, and people, that impacted me however, the more I pondered the topic, the more the subtleties of living crept into the explanations. I wanted to capture everything in one place in order to provide a resource that details the circumstances behind the many answers to the single question “Why am I, the way I am?”

All Posts in the Category “Dear Diary” are that resource!

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