Poetic Verse

My forays into the world of poetic verse  were originally aired in public around the middle of last year and, since that time, I have accumulated enough to fill a small book! That is exactly what I have decided to do.

As all you writers of anything will know, the editing process can be endless. Reading my poems in the context of publishing a book has produced numerous changes. Verses that were perhaps a little irregular when read in the context of the piece have been changed, and many lines have been modified in the belief that it would help to portray my feelings more accurately.

In summary, all my poems have been changed, some albeit with minor word changes, but many with major verse restructuring. Under these circumstances, I have decided to remove all the original versions from this Blog. As/when the book is available, I will publish the latest versions of selected poems here for your general interest, and of course to promote the book.

Stay tuned for more information!

In poetry; in dog stories, and in thoughtful moments, I remain…

Colin. 🙂