“Who Said… Adoption?”

“Who Said I was up for Adoption?” covers the first 18 months of sharing our lives with Ray. They were the most challenging, educational, and emotional months that I can ever recall!

The Authors Show broadcast an interview in April 2018 which discussed the book (copy linked below)”

The book is released to all major book retailers (various links at bottom of page), and is available in Hard Cover, Paperback and eBook formats.

Below are quotes from reviews:

This is the story of the connection between an antisocial, sad stray dog and a human who had no clue what he was getting into. It’s a fun and interesting read. The dog is 75 lbs. of determination and strength that can be quite a challenge. As the story is told you can see the connection, cautious at first, continue to form a firm bond. The stories are funny, sad and some are heart breaking. It’s a must read for any dog person especially if you’ve rescued one. Even if you don’t have a dog (I don’t), it will tug at your heart strings. (amazon.com)


What I loved about this book was Colin’s transparency. He relayed the hurdles – medically and behaviorally – that one may have to jump when working with a rescue whose past is completely unknown. (amazon.com)


Wonderful story of a 1st time dog owner being willing to learn and do whatever it takes to help an unsocialized dog reach his potential as a cherished family pet. (amazon.com)


“A dog leaves paw prints on the heart that last forever!” This heartwarming story of the bond created between a German Shepherd and the owner he chose will keep you turning the pages. It will make you cry; for did you know that dogs can sob? And it will make you laugh, Houdini is no match for Ray! Most of all it will make you fall in love with a German Shepherd who was given a second chance at life, thanks to a very patient and caring human, Colin. If you are a dog lover you will want to add this book to your collection! And if not a dog lover, you may just change your mind after reading this!! Find out what you are missing! (amazon.com)


Easy and relaxed reading….enjoyed it….so true (amazon.com)


What a heart warming story – to learn about the rescue and development of a fabulous dog named Ray and his new owners. The story is told by both Ray’s point of view and his new owners. Wonderful – I enjoyed every page!! I f you love dogs you will love this story. (amazon.ca)


Love this book! What a wonderful story of a man and a rescue dog and their journey of discovery of each other. It shows the dedication and determination to adopt a dog with an unknown history and love and train him despite many challenges including a life threatening illness – something many others would not have been prepared to do. The result- a special loving friendship between a man and his dog. (goodreads.com)




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The net profits from the book will be directed to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, and those of you who have been following Ray’s story will no doubt understand why. Thank you for passing by. Hope to “see” you again! Colin.