Wet Dog!

My initial thoughts about dogs were not only rather negative, as a result of being bitten by a German Shepherd when I was around 14 years old, but included the observation that “they smelled a little when dry… and smelled a lot when wet”

I was going through the photos taken down by the lake the other day, and could not resist sharing this one with you all!

His legs and his underside are totally soaked as you can see if you right mouse click, and have a View Image option which enlarges the pic.

Fortunately, the walk back home helped to dry him out a little!

40 thoughts on “Wet Dog!

  1. Love him, wet or dry. Besides, there is nothing so affectionate as a wet dog!
    Maggie loves the sea and to swim, yet not once did she try to jump in the marina or the river when we had the boat. All being well (fingers and everything possible crossed) we will only be a short walk from a lovely sandy beach where dogs are allowed all year. She will be in her element, the exercise will be good for her arthritis, and the salt water excellent for her feet.

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