Book Readings!

My readings of verse from my book “Just Thinking” seems to have generated encouraging responses (see “My Dream” and “Just a Rose”) so now I am thinking about reading extracts from “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” in the obvious hope that it will be a good marketing idea … which is very important to me given that both books are supporting specific causes (both are non-profit for me).

Any thoughts and/or suggestions on how much to read (based on text? based on time?) would be appreciated. The only reservation I have is whether I can create the emotional responses that the book seems to do. The link below goes to an earlier book promo Post which should explain my reservation!

Comments from experience as an author, or as a reader, would be welcomed.

The Internet! Peace!

Our world today seems to be a rather unstable place, and one that could deteriorate drastically with one foolhardy, thoughtless, arrogant or just plain stupid move. Sadly, it seems little different from the world in which I grew up, so I must conclude that we, as a species have not learned much over the past 50 years or so. Continue reading

A Dog’s Unconditional Love!

The love of a dog for its owner is well documented, and the term “unconditional” usually gets included in the text. It is often extended to include the belief that we can learn from dogs re love! Continue reading

“My Dream”

Many of you already know that my book “Just Thinking” (a non-profit venture) has recently been released, and I must therefore promote it on a regular basis! For recent Followers, it is a book of simple verse (I get confused with complex stuff!) depicting various aspects of life, and is intended to be a “pick me up when you have a few moments” kind of book! Continue reading