“Don’t Give Up.”

Released, I believe, in 1986, two very creative individuals coming together to present a very sensitive song. What else can I add? Enjoy!


It’s simply complicated!

When we were seriously considering adopting Ray from our local Humane Society, and were starting to talk details with the staff, the subject of his anxiety medication came up in the conversation. Never having been responsible for a dog before, it had not crossed my mind that a dog could be on meds for anxiety issues. Continue reading

Ray’s story!

It is funny remembering all the hurdles we faced in our early years with him, and thinking about how he is today. The initial 18 months (the time-frame covered in his book) were certainly interesting for me, in that I experienced first hand his “lunge and bark” routine. Shortly after that I was made aware of his “startle response” . I “startled” him, and his “response” was to leave two sets of claw marks down my chest. Continue reading

“I am your dog!”

I came across the text below a few days ago, and thought it very appropriate to share here. So often I hear about a dog who has obviously lost some of its appeal as a family member, or I see a dog being dragged along on its walk by its owner. To many people, it would seem that when the “cute puppy” grows up, it becomes little more than a liability and an inconvenience. The writing below is attributed to author J.D. Ellis Continue reading