Melanie Follow-Up!

The GoFundMe program, while a very good resource for raising financial support, has been abused a number of times. Human nature being what it is, there will no doubt be other examples of financial exploitation using GoFundMe.

I was expecting (and received) a number of questions about Melanie’s circumstances and, rather than reply in detail individually, I thought it prudent to answer them here so that everybody gets a clear picture of her situation.

A number of you have commented  on her lack of internet, which is so important today.  The problem is that even with a very basic internet plan, a monthly financial obligation is involved. Melanie will not commit to anything like that unless she is certain that she can meet such obligations. The same rationale has dictated that she has no credit cards. On a positive note, this means that she has no debt, but it does dictate that she plans very carefully, especially as general living costs are always creeping upwards!

As an aside, and for my more recent Followers, the poem below was written by Melanie and reflects her personality perfectly!

As for her work prospects? Because she is receiving financial assistance, efforts are being made to find a position for her. Her circumstances changed not too long ago, as the part time work she had with a local church was terminated. This GoFundMe project will hopefully fill the financial void until such time as a suitable position becomes available.

Finally, I would like to offer my personal thanks for all the re-blogging; all the support; and the donations that have been made. In my experience, the Blogging community has always been so supportive, but while this situation is a little bit different, the support has not wavered. Thank you so much everybody.  🙂

Pet After (treatment) Care!

I have read a number of Posts recently about caring for pets when their health has been impacted. Unless you have experience of caring for a sick and/or injured animal, it would be understandable to wonder what the “big deal” is. Your cat/dog is sick, or otherwise needs the vet’s attention… so you take him/her and all is well! Where are the problems? Continue reading