Self Book Promoting

As most of you are no doubt aware, professional advertising is extremely expensive. This is a particular challenge for authors because the royalty on a per book sale is minimal. Using my own “Just Thinking” book as an example.  The most popular format to buy “Just Thinking” is eBook, which sells for around $4.75 – $5.00 (USD or currency equivalent).  That generates a remuneration to me of around $2.75 – $3.00.

Advertising in a single local bus shelter for 4 weeks would have cost me $400.00 (from a quotation in February 2019), so my obvious question to myself was “What are the chances of  traffic going past a single bus shelter ( in our small town) generating in excess of 130 book sales over a 4 week period? My answer was “Not likely”!  When you consider the exorbitant costs/sec of TV advertising then, unless you have corporate financial backing, it is not a feasible option. So what do we do?

We take every advantage to promote our books with presentations; perhaps a “local author” story in the newspapers; form ties with local business organizations; hand out courtesy copies as appropriate; use the internet and any social media possibilities. We really are only limited by our time available and our creativity. As one promoter of self-publishing noted “Be prepared to sell one book at a time. If you are waiting for those mass sales, you are likely to be disappointed. One sale at a time means your book is selling, and what more do you really want?” Wise advice.

So … in the context of being creative, I have made a video of myself reading “A Stray Named Ray” from my book “Just Thinking”. Whether I do any more remains to be seen so feedback is invited. If you are driven to checkout the book (i.e. my video was successful!). then is the best place to read reviews, but FriesenPress Bookstore is probably the most competitively priced retailer, especially with paperback and hardcover formats. Enjoy!

A pause for paws!

We are very fortunate to have a covered front porch, so we can sit outside and be sheltered from the sun. We take advantage of that at every opportunity, particularly at lunch time, and Ray has no problem joining us and stretching out on his mat … unless we just emptied a yogurt container, in which case his job is to clean it out before we recycle it!

Ray has always amazed me at how much dexterity he has if food is involved and, despite the limitations of his paws, he can quickly stabilize the container for as long as is necessary!

Nice work Ray, and great show of creativity!

What is stupid?

That question arose when Trump just recently decided to hit Canadian aluminum imports with a 10% surcharge. I won’t ask what happened to the recent trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, but I will ask how that surcharge makes any sense. Continue reading

“Legend of a Mind” (aka “Timothy Leary”)

My favourite band from the 60’s and 70’s was undoubtedly The Moody Blues. Their 1968 album “In Search of the Lost Chord” included many excellent tracks, but Legend of a Mind stood out because of its structure. Continue reading

A dog’s perspective!

Living with Ray in those early years was a massive education for me.  Because Ray was my first dog, I not only had to learn how to interact with him; how to establish mutually acceptable behaviour patterns; how to “read” his body language, but also (as a context for this Post) how to try and see the world from his perspective. If I could understand his view of the world, I might be able to understand him! Continue reading

The “Big Water”

To my more recent Followers, and to anybody/everybody who is not familiar with a Barn Owl named Odessa, the link below goes to an earlier Post which covers an excerpt from the book “The Odessa Chronicles”. Whereas the book is, for the most part, a collection of short stories, the excerpt in the Post linked below is from a quite lengthy adventure as Odessa tries to find answers to some questions about her past. Continue reading