“Shake it out”

I love the music of the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s. This is probably not surprising because they were very impressionable years for me and, of course, there is a certain pleasure in the nostalgia created by many of those songs. However, every now and then I come across something more recent that also makes an impact.

One of the joys of blogging is the sharing of our lives which, in many cases, will include certain likes and dislikes. During one recent exchange of musical thoughts, a comment was made about Florence Welch. Florence Welch?

A quick inquiry in iTunes found her and, after listening to some track samples …. here we are! My choice of music today is Florence and the Machine performing “Shake it out.” I love her voice; her vocal style,  and the power of the overall presentation. My kind of song! Enjoy!


Holly Ann Butcher

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Ray’s Anniversary Month.

On March 2, 2013, we completed an application to adopt Ray. We had not totally decided on him, but wanted to ensure that we would get “first refusal” should any other requests be submitted for him. We were still evaluating him and, probably more importantly, were evaluating ourselves knowing that there were concerns being expressed by a shelter trainer about our suitability. Continue reading


“Silver Springs”

I am sure that Fleetwood Mac need no introduction, and neither does Stevie Nicks. Continue reading



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“A Stray they named Ray”

The following is one of the poems in my book “Just Thinking”, which is available direct from Friesen Press, Amazon, and other on-line book retailers.


This is such a sweet collection of beautiful thoughts and sentiments and reflections. The people and stories and memories are so real and tangible, easy to connect with, easy to read. For each poem I have read so far, it’s like he is talking about someone I know… or someone I would want to know đŸ™‚ This books explores so many things, takes you on so many journeys.. the good and the bad and the beauty in between. This book was given as a gift, and it’s one I will treasure!” (Amazon review)

“A Stray they named Ray”

They were found on a farm

Not too far away,

But… where was their home?

Two dogs, frightened, hungry,

So very tired and,

Surviving somehow on their own.


The rescue van arrived,

And the crew discussed

How best to capture this pair.

Traps were determined

To be the most humane,

But… so many questions were there.


Why were these two dogs

Having to scavenge for food?

Why were they out on their own?

The treats in the traps,

Put an end to all that,

And they were captured, scared… and alone.


They had no collars; no tags;

No microchips were found.

They were just two dogs without names.

Their faces were expressionless,

And their fur in poor condition.

Were they siblings? Perhaps their mother was the same?


Once back at the shelter

They were caged together,

But then a fight ensued.

Trainers intervened,

And gave them separate cages,

But then had to decide what to do.


One (they later named Ray) was not unfriendly,

Although cautious and rather aloof.

He seemed to know he was no longer alone.

He was given a bath and a bowl of food

And, with some loving care (they thought),

He could possibly adapt to a home.


He was a sorry sight,

And no doubt a once proud dog.

Clearly a German Shepherd cross,

Just managing to survive,

By eating scraps to stay alive.

To explain him, they were quite at a loss.


They tried to find his owners.

They checked the Missing Pets files,

But there only seemed one option.

He now belonged to the shelter

And… as he was neither reported lost, nor stolen,

He would be trained for adoption.


Four months later he was ready.

His adoption photo was published,

And all were looking for a sign.

He needed a family,

To love… and be loved by.

This will, hopefully, be his time.


Eventually a couple arrived

Who clearly were drawn to him,

And regular walks were arranged.

It was soon to be seen

That his life, as it had been,

Was quickly going to change.


His day of adoption came.

The staff all said their farewells.

Smiles, and tears, were all around,

For the life of a stray;

Of a dog they named Ray;

A life almost lost… had been found.