These past few weeks – Part 1

The past few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster ride for a number of different reasons. The roller-coaster highs have indeed been high, and the lows … well very low! Let us start with a definite high.

A few years ago, a lady in India decided to “hit” the Follow button on this Blog. As is my usual response, I visited her Blog and found it sufficiently interesting to reciprocate the Follow (link below):

I would suggest that our Blogging relationship was typical of the Blogosphere until February 26 2018. On that day, I received an email from her.

***  *****  ***

“We are looking to move to Toronto by July when the weather gets warmer. We don’t really have a lot of family and friends so we just reaching out to people who can help us in getting to know the area a bit.

Can you give any recommendations about the neighbourhoods and tentative costs of living? Any useful local resources that we can refer to? Presently we relying on the immigration forums and talking to the few people we know.

Thanks a lot 🙂 I hope sooner or later, I get a chance to say hello to you and Ray!”

***  *****  ***

I was as helpful as I could, and so Prajakta and her partner duly arrived last Summer. Their time was quite naturally focused on them both finding work and, of course, a place to call home. They were also very enthusiastic about exploring their new country whenever feasible. I would get periodic emails updating me on their progress, especially with regards to our climate. July to November is no time at all when one is trying to settle in a new country, but they adapted very well and Prajakta was introduced to the art of making snow angels!

***  *****  ***

“And I ended up making snow angels. Whoever thought of it in the first place was a genius. Getting out is something that takes an effort – but once you are out – it’s worth every bit of it! Plus you have the perfect excuse for loading up on hot chocolate :)”

***  *****  ***

Winter turned to Spring and, in May, our restaurants and bars set up their outdoor patios. As we cannot go anywhere without our beloved Ray, and as we have a local pub that will allow him on their patio, it was decided to meet (for the first time) there on June 3! They would be looking for an older couple with a large dog, and we would look for a young Indian couple. It worked!

It was an absolute delight to meet Prajakta and her partner. She is the first Follower of my Blog that I have met, and it was such a wonderful experience.

The world really is so much smaller, and offers so much potential, thanks to the internet. It just takes some time and the will to “dip one’s toe in the water”, to really appreciate that we are all so much more alike than we are different.

To Prajakta (if you are reading this), The King’s Arms is still open for people with dogs … and we’ve not been there for a while … and we’ll get the bill this time! 🙂


What’s new?

Regular Followers of my Blog may well have noticed some inactivity these past two weeks. I had to do some traveling and, as is my habit, took my laptop with me. On the first day the laptop would not power up which, a local service business determined, was caused by an issue with the motherboard. Both the time required to fix the issue, and the associated cost, dictated that I wait until I get home before addressing the problem.

However, the two weeks proved to be very interesting. Those two weeks, and some interesting news from prior to my “off the net” adventure, will be posted here very shortly.

Stay tuned.