Ray’s new toy?

On a walk the other day, I noticed a small ball on the side of the road which I immediately picked up and dropped into a bag that I had with me.¬† We have accumulated more tennis balls like that than most of the local tennis clubs own, and all for Ray’s pleasure! This ball was different in not only color, but it was also a little smaller! Continue reading

Learning from a 6 year old!

A friend of mind shared this video. Sceptics will no doubt suggest that is a fake, or it was contrived for political purposes… but I prefer to believe that it is genuine. Why shouldn’t a 6 year old boy be in a position to embarrass a large proportion of the world’s population? He is not old enough to have learned arrogance, discrimination, prejudice, hypocrisy, intolerance and greed. These are all learned traits. Continue reading