Love thy neighbour?

Given the divisive politics in the US, and the fact that it would appear to be coming a trend outside that country, I am linking back to a Post from September 2017.  We should all spend a few moments in front of a mirror. Look into those eyes that are looking back at you, and ask “Who are you? Why are you the way you are? Do I love you?”

The text of the Post linked below may well be enlightening however, remember that not one of us is without flaws, and we always have the option to change if  we so wish.

“A Soldier Died Today”

Remembrance Day is November 11 in Canada,  so here is a very interesting and thought provoking poem which was sent to me. Continue reading

“Song of Bernadette”

Jennifer Warnes obviously liked Leonard Cohen’s writings as she released an album (“Famous Blue Raincoat”) based on them. “Song of Bernadette” was an immediate hit with me, and I still love this arrangement of it. Continue reading

” … and so the seasons change!”

This past Monday was a glorious day. We have already bid our farewell to Summer, and have not welcomed Winter just yet. Our weather forecasters were predicting only a slight chance of rain (with sunny periods) so we had a quick discussion, and it was decided to give Ray an extra special walk. Continue reading

“It’s the end of world (as we know it!)”

I was introduced to R.E.M. quite a few years ago during a spinning class! “It’s the end of the world (as we know it)”  was the final song of the class and, as R.E.M. were clearly winding down to the end  of the song, we were told to sprint … and hold the sprint until the very end. I soon found out that this song had a rather lengthy ending! Continue reading