“The River”

As my regular Followers know very well, I rarely do a “flashback” Post. Every now and then, however, I stumble across an old Post and think it very appropriate to revisit it.

To those of you who saw it/heard it back in September 2017, I hope it brings back good memories. To my new Followers since that time (especially the poets among you), I hope it provokes thoughts about perhaps your own life.



“The Load Out/Stay”

I love this song  from 1977 for a number of reasons however, a major one is the story line. A day in the life of a band on tour seems such an unlikely topic, but Jackson Browne did a remarkable job with it! Continue reading

“Just Thinking” & “Adrift”!

Every writer must enjoy reading good reviews about their work. Modesty aside, a lot of work and money generally goes into publishing a book, and so positive feedback makes it so worthwhile. Most writers will never see a significant income for their efforts, but the reward of just knowing that somebody, somewhere, experienced sufficient reaction to write a review … is priceless. They read the book! What more can anybody want? Continue reading

The experience of age?

It seems to me that possibly the most frustrating and soul destroying scenario would be to reach those senior years (I am already  there!), and reflect back on those dreams that were never realized, and perhaps now cannot be. Can you imagine reflecting, and confronting the reality that your priorities in life were very wrong? Continue reading

A Ray Update!

My apologies to my Followers for the distinct lack of Posts (including my Saturday music Posts) for this past couple of weeks. The main reason was the surgical procedure necessary for our beloved Ray’s good health, with complications due to this time of year being heavily committed to other projects.

However … to Ray! Continue reading

“The Odessa Chronicles” – a new review.

Reviews are so important for book sales, and so it is always exciting to see/read a new one. Below is the latest review, which includes a slightly different perspective of “The Odessa Chronicles”. Continue reading