“Take a Pebble”

The late 1960’s and the 1970’s were wonderful for the musical creativity that was prevalent during those times.  A number of bands recorded quite complex and lengthy tracks which included a total change of pace somewhere in the middle. Emerson, Lake & Palmer took full advantage of their respective skills to record “Take A Pebble.”  The song starts, and finishes, with powerful vocals, but the piece in the middle is an interesting collection of different ideas. The end result is a musical journey sandwiched between “Take a Pebble” ….. and all lasting a little over 12 minutes!

So … if you have a little over 12 minutes to spare … enjoy!

Take a pebble  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVz35uXqFYw


The Odessa Chronicles!

Carolyn Shelton (https://joyroses13.wordpress.com/) and I have collaborated on a book of “stories for children of all ages”. As it is expected to be published shortly, I was going to introduce it here in June however, the characters in the book somehow found out about it! Continue reading