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Hi Everybody

This Blog has just been expanded with a Just Thinking page and, although it will have little to do with Ray (other than there is much that can be learned from him), it will be sharing “blog space” with him.

Just Thinking is a separate Category and so if you are not interested in the content there, then please simply click on Dog Stories and all the Ray stuff will (should) appear.

I am hoping that I can carry two unrelated subjects on the same Blog without confusing anybody however, as Ray is the Number one priority, I will delete Just Thinking if it becomes necessary.

Your patience and understanding while I work on this is appreciated.

Colin (Ray is not involved!)

11 thoughts on “Blog Development

  1. I’ve considered the same tact for Golden Kali blog. Although there is much to write about Kali there are other aspects of my life that intertwine. I want to stay true to the original concept of Kali’s Life in America but I may branch out a bit too. Not quite sure yet but under consideration. I have two other blogs that are sorely neglected due to time constraints. I like writing, wish I was better at it, and wish I had more time to dedicate to it. I would encourage you to branch out and you’ll know how interested your readers will be by your stats. Good luck and looking forward to hearing what you are “Just Thinking”.

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  2. I like that idea!
    I’ve contemplated starting another blog, opposed to doing what I’m doing, ie being a bit diversified with topics. However, that would be a lot more maintenance IMO. I agree with other commenters, write what the heck you want. Folks will pass on the ones they don’t want to read. Unless you’re blogging ‘commercially and for income’, it’s your blog and you can write what you want to! (You can sing that if you’d like 😉)
    Mums the word to Ray!

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    • Actually, and no doubt unknowingly, you have hit my problem head on! Do I start another Blog, or do I expand this one to include a totally unrelated (to Ray) topic. I am not too sure whether it is practical to run unrelated topics as it would appear that a visitor only has the option to Follow a Blog in its entirety, rather than being able to Follow a specific Category. The inconvenience of that bit of configuration is probably obvious.

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      • Very true about only following all or nothing. However, think about everyone that you follow. Take me for example, (you don’t need to answer out loud 😉) I write many different topics, so do you read them all? Pass on some not related or interesting to you? Just ‘like’ and move on? (I wish!😃) I have a winter to get through and I would have no posts to write if I were to keep my blog Midwestern Plants and only Midwestern Plants. Arguably, I would drop off the radar of readers from lack of posts. If you believe what WP states about “gathering followers”, posting daily is the way to go. On topic or not.
        I can only think of a couple of my followed blogs that are truly that regimented. Mostly photographers that really don’t have verbiage in their posts, and poetry folks.
        On the other hand. I have thought about starting another blog, very very different from MP. It would possibly be offensive to some folks and I wouldn’t want to scare off my gardening buddies. (I’m sure you’ve read some of my posts I’ve toned down a bit that were dicey in topic) In this instance, I wouldn’t even link or elude to the fact my blogs are written my the same person. Yes, an argument to start a separate blog.
        Obviously, this is all just my opinion. 😜

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  3. Great idea..i run three i seldom have time for and my mainly wildlife one and of course the dogs cats and sheeps blog…i need a secretary..i think it will work fine ..peeps will read or not the ones they want..anyway it is yours to do as you please 🙂

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  4. I think that “Just Thinking” will be an excellent addition to your blog and will give it some diversity. I don’t feel there will be any problem with readers figuring out what is what. Put a title to it and write. Folks will either comment or not according to their interest and how much they like what you post.

    And, you did not ask for Ray’s permission or he’s not involved? That’s a dog-gone shame. 🙂

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