Dear Diary – Page 17 (Late 1950’s – Bumble Bee)

Once we were settled in our new location, I went straight into Walton Junior School which was about a 15 minute walk for me. 

1955 - 8yrCRWalton Junior School 1955 – Age 8-1/2

The first thing every morning we would go into the assembly hall and line up in our designated areas (younger ones at the front). There would then be prayers and a hymn followed by any announcements. We would then leave in a particular order and make our way to our respective classrooms. On Fridays, we also went into the assembly hall in the afternoon when there would be prayers, a hymn (“The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended” or “Now The Day Is Over), and finally we would be wished a safe and happy weekend. We then made our way in an orderly fashion to the doors. Once through those doors ………………………….!


Once when I was sitting on my own at the edge of the school playground, I watched a large bumble bee as it landed on my bare knee (I wore short trousers to school). I cannot recall any feelings of concern, but just that I did not want to disturb “him”, so I just watched. After a few minutes, “he” flew off and left some pollen on my knee. I was really impressed that “he” gave me some of “his” pollen, which is no doubt why that incident is still very clear in my memory.

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  1. Ahh! The “mischievous” picture! Your smile says it all. 🙂
    A tender story about the bumblebee. Girls would tend to jump and scream and boys may tend to try to hit and smash it, but you just sat and watched it. You cherished the moment.

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  2. Weren’t you the mischievous little imp of a lad? I can just see one dimple of the right cheek (I think). And I can imagine you having a grinning good time for the camera.

    Now about, “who would name a dog Colin?” I have a close and dear blogging friend who just happens to be British and her blog is called “The Roja Diaries.” She and her husband Pete are both artists and live in Spain. They adopted a rescue dog and Lottie named the new dog Colin Snout. But he goes by Colin. I’ve included a link to one of her posts where she writes about Colin.

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  3. I like bees, and if Hubby or I find one ‘tired’ on the pathway, we will try and find a leaf or stick to carry it to a flower.
    Bees fascinate me, and I remember seeing a programme showing the bee dance to indicate the direction of the food supply.
    I rescued one from the confectionery storeroom where I used to work in the 80s. It was a big fat bumbler, and I fed it sugar water.

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