Dear Diary – Page 54 (Early 1960’s – G.C.E.s)

School was becoming very demanding as the G.C.E.’ “O” Levels* got closer.

Having been told what subjects I would be taking, regardless of my feelings about it, I felt that I had no choice but to study for all of them. I resented the interference with my private time because I was already trying to work around the school schedule.

There was a 1:15pm “special” train at Walton crossing on every week-day and the locomotive involved was generally of a class not seen too often there. Getting out of school for lunch at 1:00pm, dictated that I pedal as hard as I could in order to be at Walton crossing in time for this train. Then, of course, I had to make sure that I was back in school for the afternoon classes!

The school’s developing “social culture” was rather alien to me in that most boys would hang around in groups and talk about girls. I was not interested in groups, and girls were just “different”! Then, during breaks, the occasional fight would start so I just moved away from the trouble. Fortunately, none of the other boys seemed to be too concerned that I kept to myself and were in general quite tolerant of me.

Here we all are again! This time it was my final year, and I am supervising everybody from the back row, far left!

1963 Kings SchoolAll that was left to do was to pass at least 5 “O” Levels which must include Mathematics and English Language! How difficult could that be?

*General Certificate of Education -Ordinary Level (Established by the University of Oxford)

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  1. We lived more than four miles from the Grammar school I attended and so had to catch a school bus. No-one was allowed out of the grounds at lunch time. In our senior years, some of my classmates decided to catch the public transport bus instead so as to be ‘with the boys’ from the grammar school up the road. It appears both schools have now amalgamated, but I’m not sure which site is actually occupied!

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        • That could possibly have been the case at my school, together (I believe) with the criteria that you were in the 6th Form (to pursue a University education). If you enlarge the photo, you will see that certain individuals had a white band across the top of their breast pockets. I am almost certain that was a sports achievement recognition. Note that I don’t have one! 🙂


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