First Blog Birthday!

This Blog was created in October 2014 and so on this, its first anniversary, I am reflecting with considerable amazement as I feel as if I have a family spread around the world.

I have more “brothers and sisters” than I could have ever imagined and this is not in the generic brother and sister terminology that we often hear about. Some of you are in touch with me multiple times during the week and the various dialogues generally include little snippets of your life such that I can know a little about you. Blogging, with all its social aspects, can really be a wonderful place to spend some time.

Re Dog Stories: I have Posted so much about Ray which has initiated support, interest, and accounts of similar experiences, all of which have really been appreciated. So many of you have expressed affection towards him that I firmly believe that if I offered him up for adoption, I would immediately get offers from around the world! (Note: He is staying here!)

Re Just Thinking: I have Posted some of my creative and poetic writings not really knowing how they would be received, but your support and encouragement has been quite overwhelming. I have no aspirations to become a poet, nor do I have any delusions about my abilities in such an arena however, I do enjoy generally writing about life as I see it, and your support has encouraged me to continue.

Re Dear Diary: I have Posted about my history from as far back as my memory will allow and those “Dear Diary” Posts have generated a lot of comments which, of course, is simply fuel to fire more memories! I have been surprised at the age range of people who have related in some way to a number of those Posts!

Of course, while this Post is celebrating the Blog’s 1 year anniversary, I would be remiss if I did not express appreciation of the numerous Blogs that I have been Following as a result of “jumping into” this social media format. Part of my problem (most of you will no doubt relate), is that once you start checking out other Blogs, there are so many that are worth Following! The problem therefore becomes a simple case of time management with a balancing act between time to create Posts; respond to Comments; read other Blog Posts, and Comment! There also has to be some semblance of life outside of Blogging! Today, I think I have a balance ………… but tomorrow?????

In summary, I can look back over these past 12 months and think how lucky I am to have such a large and international family of not only friendly and supportive “brothers and sisters”, but also ones who are very creative and are prepared to allow a small insight into their own lives. It has been an education, and a real pleasure getting to know you all.

My dear extended family – A big hug to each one of you, and thank you!

27 thoughts on “First Blog Birthday!

  1. Well I was on the way to the party with what I thought was the right directions, but ….yes, I would say Moonbeam Farm definitely tells the story of what all happened after that the best! 🙂

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  2. I wasn’t here for your first blog anniversary, but am very glad that I have been here for the other ones and I believe I will stick around for more my friend. 🙂
    Just think of all that has happened since this post!

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    • Yes … you were a little late coming to the party, but so glad that you eventually arrived. As for what has happened since then? The “Four Adventurers” living at Moonbeam Farm would tell a large part of that story best!

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  3. Happy Blog Birthday! or Anniversary!
    I’m a fan of Ray. Though I must admit that I wasn’t able to follow religiously accounts of his life, I’m glad to have known his life as well as yours.
    You are a good poet, and somewhere in my heart I feel envious of such talent. The way you write is so personal, as if we are talking face to face. I look up to persons like you. Though we don’t share comments that much, I would like you to know that I’m a fan.
    Again, cheers to more and Thank you.

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