Dear Diary – Page 104 (1975)

The City of Mississauga wanted about a week in order to make a decision regarding their vacancy in Purchasing. After a little over a week, and having heard nothing from them, I called them and asked for the status.

They were apologetic, but needed another 2-3 days. I gave them a week, and called again. They were still reviewing the applications, but asked if I was free for a 2nd interview. Of course I said “Yes” and an appointment was made.

The second interview appeared to go quite well and, at the end, I asked how long they felt they needed to make a decision. They were hoping to have it finalized within a week. After a little over week, I called them for an update and the conversation went something like this:

Secretary: Oh… hi Colin. I guess you’re following up again?

Colin: Well yes. I hadn’t heard from you so thought that I would just see how things were progressing.

Secretary: Well we’ve now got a short list, but we need a few more days.

Colin:  So you expect to make a decision within the next 3-4 days?

Secretary: Hopefully yes… and you are going to call us again after 4 days aren’t you?

Colin: Of course.

Secretary: Can you hold for a moment?

Colin: Certainly.

New voice: Hi Colin, my name is Herb Baldwin and I’m the director of Purchasing.

Colin: Oh…… Hi !

New voice: You are very persistent. You really want this position don’t you.

Colin: I certainly do.

New voice: When could you start?

Colin: Are you offering me the position?

New voice: Yes.

Colin: Tomorrow!

New voice: How about you start next Monday. I shall look forward to meeting you again.


Moral: Perseverance  pays off!



13 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Page 104 (1975)

  1. Glad you got the job. Unlike me, I was offered a position, accepted and waited patiently for the paperwork to confirm a start date. When I chased it up, they said they’d given the job to someone else. It was one of many soul destroying moments following redundancy.

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