This story has nothing to do with anything previously posted here, but is worth telling simply because it just happened!

Carol was in our kitchen yesterday mid-morning and I was in my bedroom working on my laptop responding to you “guys”. She came in to me and mentioned that she thought she could smell bacon being cooked next door. In retrospect, I really cannot explain why that became an important issue, but it did.

I have a reputation for having a particularly good sense of smell, so my reaction was to go into the kitchen and check. Bacon it certainly was and, although Carol has no interest in it, I do like the occasional few slices!

We both had a laugh at the thought of me showing up at their front door… with plate in hand!

A few moments later:

Me – Knock! Knock! (on their front door).

Lisa – Opens door – “Hi Colin!”

Me – “Hi Lisa! It smells like you guys are cooking up bacon.”

Lisa – “Yes we are.”

Me – Says nothing but produces plate from behind back.

Lisa (laughing) – “You’d better come in. Dave! Colin wants some bacon!”

Dave – Turns and, looking bewildered, takes plate from me. He puts a few pieces on my plate.

Me – “I don’t need too much ‘cos Carol doesn’t like bacon.”

Dave – Starts to give me my plate back.

MeΒ  – “But can I have a piece for Ray as well?”

Dave – Takes plate back, and adds more, and once again gives me my plate.

Me – “That looks really good. Thanks so much guys.” (and heads towards door)

Lisa – ” Enjoy”

Me – “We will. Thanks so much!”

I wonder whether anybody has ever “gate crashed” their breakfast, brunch, or whatever it was, before? I wonder if they had enough bacon for every body, or whether they had to cook some more, or whether somebody went short?

Given that they both have origins on Canada’s East Coast, it probably simply reminded them of the East Coast culture of neighborly sharing! I can well imagine that the incident will be a conversation piece for a while!



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  1. Not all my neighborhoods/neighbors have been like this, but when they are, it’s awesome. Luckily, I’m in a friendly hood now.

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    • It really is awesome. Our area used to be quite a”problem” area (which is why I could afford to buy into it!), but it has since been “cleaned up” quite a bit and the old cottages are slowly being replaced by pretentious mini-mansions with matching occupants. It makes those of us who have been here a long time really appreciate each other and, while we try to integrate new comers accordingly, it is not easy!


  2. How lovely.I bet it tasted good. I think I will go to the bank with an empty sack and ask if they have any money. I may wear a mask to avoid any embarrassment should they decide to politely refuse. πŸ˜€

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