Winter Fun!

With Winter imminent, I have noticed that a number of Blog Posts are alluding to snow. Some are clearly not welcoming the inevitable, while others are expressing excitement (usually on behalf of their dog)!

Other Posts that I have recently read have been dwelling on our perceived shortcomings. Ones that come to mind are our reluctance to step out of our comfort zones, or a hesitation to just be silly once in a while. Having fun, for many of us, is a relatively restrained activity and yet children do it intuitively. Where did we lose that ability for spontaneous fun?

I have said many times that we should watch children play and learn from them. They are the experts! Children don’t stop and ponder what people might think, they simply react to a desire to have some fun.

So what does snow and having fun have in common? If you have to ask that question, then you really do need to watch the video below (from a couple of years ago).

The house in question had a young girl living in it, who had a friend “sleep over”. I was chatting with a neighbor when I saw them both gazing out of their front window and thought that they would appreciate seeing a snow angel created right in front of them!

How to entertain two young girls (and no doubt some neighbors), and have fun doing it, in under 30 seconds! Yes… it is I!

36 thoughts on “Winter Fun!

  1. Very cute! I have a very “silly” family. I remember one time when we all walked in a line and followed my niece through the neighborhood playing “Follow the Leader” doing whatever she did. So the neighborhood saw 5 adults and one child with their arms out being airplanes, hopping like a frog, walking sideways, and a lot more! In numbers like that, it’s easier to be silly and not worry about what others think and having a kid with helps! 🙂

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  2. We lose that childlike behavior after getting yelled at once too many times for doing something fun! I did my last snow angel when I was still working. I had a warm hooded coat. A friend and I did it in fresh snow. Yep, my coat was soaked when I came in but we giggled all afternoon. You could see the “angels” from the office windows.

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