Fiction Contradiction!

Some of you will know that I rarely read fiction. There are a number of reasons for this, one of which is that it is a very low priority which, when considering  my many other interests, means I am not likely to get around to it any time soon! The only exception is J.R.R. Tolkein… but that is another story(?)!

I also prefer non-fiction because I love to learn about people. Knowing the intimate details of my history, which no doubt has similarities to yours, I love to read how you reacted to circumstances; how you celebrated; how you coped; how you persevered and why you gave up etc. We really are a remarkable creation and it is so interesting to learn more about each other.

I can recall, some time ago now, one of you wrote a beautiful and very emotional piece. It meant so much to me, to read such a personal sharing of emotions  and actual feel for the writer. I was quite devastated to learn later that it was pure fiction.

I am also quite analytical and am therefore attracted to details and facts. I have a book which reviews the details of the SS Titanic’s construction; many books on early UK railways; discussion books on our origins etc. I love to read about alternative views on things that we perhaps take for granted.

I am not a fan of fiction!

Around the middle of last year, a fellow blogger** wrote a children’s story about a mischievous cat named Dewey. At that time, I was exercising my zany side and sent her a very brief story from a long time ago about an old Roman urn that had been found in the town where I lived. My Latin teacher (it  really was a long time ago!) wrote the Latin inscription (from the urn) onto the blackboard, and our task was to translate it. We all failed!

Carolyn immediately incorporated the incident into a Dewey story! Dewey was soon accompanied by a Jackalope, an owl, and a man-servant, and the foursome became the basis for numerous adventures.  I found her story-lines quite interesting and, after a while, offered to write a few stories for her. She accepted.

Writing that fiction was a lot of fun, which was no real surprise in that I consider myself to be quite creative, and writing would just be a different way of expressing my imagination. What did surprise me a little was how well my stories not only fitted, and added something to Carolyn’s concept of the four characters, but also how well they were received by her Blog Followers.

Here we are many months later and we have co-authored a book of children’s stories which is anticipated to be released in late Spring! The book is tentatively titled “Tales from a Jackalope’s Farm”, and includes stories about (and including) Jaxon (Jackalope); Dewey (mischievous cat); Odessa (overly intellectual owl), and a man-servant (poor man!)

The second link*** below is a recent Post in which the man-servant meets Dewey for the first time. Enjoy.  I still prefer to read non-fiction, but perhaps I do have a fiction contradiction!

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  1. hey Colin! I have a latin story myself, but not something I can publicly share! LOL! Anyway – “from the urn” seems a peculiar phrase. Is that what the Latin phrase really said?

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  2. I do remember you saying how you didn’t care for fiction, about it being a low priority. Hmmm…seems that Jaxon worked his magic spell over you. The wise Odessa and witty Dewey joined in, and look what happened. 🙂
    OH and “poor” Man-servant you say? No, to be surrounded by these unique, wonderful animals and to serve Dewey his food in his golden bowl,,. well that makes him very lucky, very lucky indeed! 🙂

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