Just Thinking…

“Just Thinking” is the title of my book which is in its final rounds of editing before being published, but the cover design has been established which really is the basis for this Post!

I wanted a cover that was visually appealing and created an aura of peace and calm, with a hint of mystique, and which may create the ambience for thoughtful moments to the receptive reader!


I think I got what I envisaged!

It is my intention to market it to the casual reader, who could take it with them on their daily commute, or perhaps have it laying on a coffee table for browsing as time permits, or any other circumstance which presents a few moments on a regular basis to read a page or two!

No publishing date has been established at this time, but that will hopefully change over the next few weeks.

40 thoughts on “Just Thinking…

    • It really is Amy. While I am very happy with the cover on “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, it took quite few samples before it “said” what I wanted it to say. The “Just Thinking” cover was right the first time! Pretty awesome! πŸ™‚

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  1. This cover absolutely depicts aura of peace. I think the illustrator did an amazing job with the cover. It is eye catching too and with the words written in the cover, it makes a reader/buyer want to take a closer look.

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