Getting my late sister Valerie’s album put together has, by necessity, dictated going through many old albums and boxesΒ  with the obvious photographic diversions into other areas of the past!

When my daughter Melanie moved out to N. Vancouver, she eventually formed a relationship with an Iranian immigrant. They both shared a love of kickboxing (he was very proficient), and they ultimately decided to open up a kickboxing academy!

Due to restrained finances, Melanie asked if I would spend a few weeks out there and plan, assist and supervise the conversion of an open commercial space into a kickboxing academy. Isn’t that every father’s dream?

Below is Melanie doing her share of the work. Once she was shown what to do, she actually did a very good job!

One of my favorite photos of Melanie from back then (2002) is known affectionately as the “Flying Mel” photo!

I am pleased to say that, while balance issues from her cancer treatment have prohibited kickboxing, and any contact sport is considered totally unsuitable for her, she has been venturing into non-contact boxing! She just can’t sit still for too long!

28 thoughts on “Kickboxing!

  1. Wow! …I had no idea my own cousin could kick the crap out of me. Plus, she was more demanding than Simon, LOL ?!? …again loving the family history Colin although what we gonna talk about when I come out to Canada ?!?

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    • Hi David. They were both very challenging, but in totally different areas! What amazed me about that “Flying Mel” pic was that she had to do it a lot of times before her form was “correct”! I cannot imagine doing that jump once, let alone keep repeating it! πŸ™‚

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