Houdini Ray?

The following is an extract from “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, my book about the first 18 months of living with Ray.

Context: We had experienced a lot of challenges trying to find a way that Ray could travel in our car with us. His choice of position would be up front with us… totally impractical! We ended up having him on the seat behind us and tethered to a metal grill. In this scenario, I had taken Carol to an appointment, and Ray was very unhappy when she got out of the car and entered the building.


I started the car and Ray became immediately alert. As soon as he felt the car moving, he became very agitated and suddenly he was right in the front with me! I obviously had to stop the car (we had traveled perhaps six feet) and then went to grab his leash. There was no leash on him! I went to grab his harness. There was no harness on him!

Somehow, the details of which are still a mystery, Ray had performed an escape act of which Houdini would have no doubt been proud! The strategy now was obvious as I would have to climb between the front seats and onto the rear seats, in order to retrieve his leash and harness, and then reconnect him to the metal grill.

Getting between the front seats would be a challenge at any time but, with a Ray in the way, it became a major obstacle. Within the tight confines of the vehicle, I was trying to get off my seat and then turn right around and somehow step through the small gap between the front seats. This had to be done with one hand on my headrest for balance, while the other hand was trying to hold back Ray who quite obviously did not understand the situation, and was not going to relinquish his position between the front seats.

I was making slow progress but, after a few minutes, I had somehow managed to straddle Ray and had turned enough to be able to try and locate his harness and leash. Not only was there no sign of either his harness or his leash, but there was also no sign of the metal grill!


Of course the full story (and there is quite a bit more to it) is in his book, which is available from all major on-line book stores, and can be ordered in eBook, Hard cover or Paperback formats.

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