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My history of reading includes very little fiction, a major exception being J. R. R. Tolkein.  I tend to gravitate towards reference kinds of books, so in my collection are many historical books that focus on early British Railways, and classic steam ships. There are also a few that explore religion, the possibilities of life beyond our galaxy, and biographies of various people.

Much as I have enjoyed writing over many years, it should be no surprise that fiction was never a serious component of my creativity… until recently, and which was covered in a recent Post:

I am co-authoring a book of children’s stories (for ages 1 to 101) with Carolyn Shelton, and it has developed in a manner which is humorous, fascinating, and a little disconcerting.

Humorous, because I can put the characters into whatever situation I can dream up, and have them react however I wish. No real surprises there!

Fascinating, because I can now have dialogues with the characters (fellow writers of fiction will hopefully understand), and I have even interviewed an owl about a story which featured her!

Disconcerting, because the four characters in question recently had a meeting (I was not invited), during which they discussed their being in a book of children’s stories. This was not a total surprise as these characters are capable of pretty much anything, but what caught me a little by surprise was that during their discussions, they acknowledged that Carolyn and I were actually in control of not only the numerous events covered by the stories, but also the dialogue in that specific meeting! Those four “guys” are very perceptive characters!

I was going to include a transcript of the aforementioned meeting, but it would take this Post to well over 1000 words, so I’ll save it for tomorrow! 🙂


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  1. How interesting that you are seeing the characters as independent of you, while remaining cognizant that you actually control their words and actions. I think you are enjoying this expansion and will do great. 🙂

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  2. Oh yes, my favorite characters, who all live together on MoonBeam Farm. A rather unique name for a Farm I think.
    They may think.we control them, but we know that they havs a mind of their own!
    It has been a humorous journey for sure! 🙂

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