Learning from Dogs! (Part 2)

When Paul asked me if I would review his book “Learning from Dogs”, I was rather expecting a book about his life with his German Shepherd Pharaoh (who sadly passed away just before I received the book). Having my own book about my first 18 months with Ray (“Who Said I was up for Adoption?”) in the back of my mind, I was all ready to read about the trials and tribulations of another human adjusting to life with a canine… but I was so wrong!

While Pharaoh was clearly a driving force for the book, and was also (along with other dogs) the foundation upon which it was written, there was so much more to read than a series of human/canine experiences!

Paul has presented a very systematic sequence of personal thoughts and perspectives, supported by frequent quotations, which not only explore the human/canine history, but also present many logical reasons why we can (and should) learn so much from dogs.

This book would be a really interesting read for anybody who is questioning the direction that we as a species are going in our development. It could also cause some revelations in how to correct the current trend towards self-focus, isolationism and materialism.

We really should be trying to get back to a culture of caring, sharing, compassion and respect and to do that, perhaps our greatest teachers are our dogs. Learning from Dogs? It may be an odd concept to some people but, after reading Paul’s book… why not? He covers in detail their apparent intuitive skills; their ability to sense highs and lows in us; their loyalty; their ability to adapt; their demonstrations of love and protection, and so many other attributes that could be considered ideal human traits!

Having read the book, I am now looking at our beloved Ray and thinking, what a great teacher he is! What could possibly be better than role modelling by example?. I wonder if he knows just how influential he and his species can be to those of us who are receptive to the concept of “Learning from Dogs”?

Thanks so much Paul. It was a really interesting read.


34 thoughts on “Learning from Dogs! (Part 2)

  1. Sounds like a very good read. One thing I’ve learned of late thanks to Bundy slowing down (a little) is to take note of the little things while he stops to sniff and pee. For me our walks have become more than just a form of exercise πŸ™‚

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    • So many dog owners forget the fact that the walk is for the dog’s benefit. They drag their dog around as if it was a race and the poor thing can hardly pee let alone sniff. They are also missing the fact that because of a dog’s “two-stage” sensory system, it will burn off quite a bit of energy just sniffing and processing the “data”! The dog will benefit so much more if allowed to do pretty much what it wants to do! Why would it get excited about a walk where it is rushed around by its owner? Like so much of dog ownership, it comes down to trying to see things from their perspective. πŸ™‚

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      • So true and much of it stems from the whole idea about being a pack leader and not allowing your dog to be dominant. The training methods we were taught varied greatly between our two dogs and now lean toward the positive which seems better for all involved. Whilst Bundy doesn’t ‘control’ our walks he gets lots of opportunities to smell, pee, roll and meet others. The simple things in life πŸ™‚

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  2. Wonderful review of what sounds like an engaging book! You have inspired me to purchase a copy and to share it with others. In today’s world we need all the help we can get to lead meaningful lives. Thank-you for leading me to this book.

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    • You’re very welcome Ellen. Dogs are so much more than cute and cuddly pets, and Paul’s book really makes that fact very clear. As an aside, did you know that apparently the dog is the only animal that, if you point at something, will generally look where you are pointing! Other animals (i.e. cats) will simply look at your finger. Food for thought!


  3. I learn from my boys on a daily basis! They know how to relax, enjoy life and just be! I love watching what triggers them… They know me better than myself! It’s funny that they are so simple, yet can understand the complex things us hoomans do.

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