April 10 – The Interview!

I was recently interviewed by The Authors Show (Scottsdale, Arizona) about my book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”

Their goals are clearly to establish themselves as “the” place to go in order to listen to authors talking about their book. This is apparently important for large book retailers and libraries. There is also a business interest as they have a selection of promotional packages to offer to every author who participates.

The business side is quite simple from my perspective. I just have to gauge how the interview is presented in its edited/trimmed format (to 15 minutes), and decide whether to invest in promoting it further. My biggest issue however is the interview itself.Β  How didΒ  I “come over”?Β  Did I gabble which, with my accent, can cause issues?Β  Much as I tried to exercise total self-control, there is that element of the unknown, and I did not have an opportunity to preview it. Of course I must also acknowledge that each of us is our own worst critic!

The link below will take you to The Authors Show interview:


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  1. It’s a lovely interview. The important question is how much are they charging you and are THEY going to promote the interview and if so, how? There are so many schemes out there to get writers’ money with no guarantees of results. Good luck!

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    • There is no charge for the initial interview and the editing required to make it “presentable”, and there is no charge for the airing of it non-stop over a 24 hour period however, it is their property. I can buy their rights to it so that I can promote it whenever/wherever I choose, and I can also buy more broadcasts of it from their station. As for guarantees? There is nothing in the marketing field that offers guarantees, only possibilities based on past data. I can save myself a lot of money and not promote the book … but then it cannot sell. It is very much like life in that there are always risks. The question all new authors have to ask themselves is “How much money can I afford to risk in order to promote the book?”


  2. Very well done Colin! We Americans love a foreign accent. So, that becomes an asset for you, not a liability. The deep bond that you have developed with Ray came across clearly. I especially liked your choice for the recitation from the book. Thank-you for sharing this interview.

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  3. I got to listen to your recorded interview over lunch. You did a superb job. You sounded relaxed and answered all the questions with knowledge and humor. Great job, give yourself a pat on the back and a treat!

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  4. I knew it was going to be an interview of sorts. Thought maybe TV, though.
    1. The interview made me want to read your book, i.e. mission accomplished. (I have a backlog of books to read and am in the process of making big life changes, so I can’t at the moment.)
    2. It was clearly a phone interview (right?), because your voice wasn’t as clear as the interviewer’s. When we first meet you, your speech was too fast, but you got more in the groove as the time went on. You were nervous, but that’s not a bad thing. I found the excerpt a bit too lengthy, but the emotion was very appropriate and it just shows how invested you. It was interesting to hear that Ray is your first dog. That makes a lot of sense as to how you completely adjusted your life to his.
    3. Well done and CongratZ!

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  5. I think the interview went fine. Better than fine! You were serious, truthful, funny and emotional. Perfect!! And no problem understanding you Colin. You were much more interesting than the interviewer. Lol. It had to have been both exciting and terrifying.

    Now you and Ray can relax with some treats and maybe a belly rub.

    Congratulations on a job well done!

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  6. Awh! Your love for Ray definitely came through in this interview. You also gave the listeners a glimpse into your character by your laughter and the emotion you showed in reading about how Ray chose you.
    Well done my friend! πŸ™‚
    I believe this interview will spark curiosity in the listeners to find out more about Ray and the special bond you 2 share. A dog special enough to be included on dinner dates is special indeed!

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