I don’t like poetry!

After my recent interview about the book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” (link below)

… and given my desire to promote my book of poetry “Just Thinking”, another interview is a consideration. The problem however, is determining whether that interview was an economical advertising concept, and the answer will not be known until the 2nd quarter sales stats are available, which will not be until the end of July.  While that situation is a very obvious reason to defer making any decisions, there is, however, a more pressing reason to stall an interview at this time.

I don’t particularly like poetry!

When the interviewer probes into my past influences, in the context of publishing a book of poetry, it would seem rather inappropriate to admit that I never actually read much poetry because I did not like it!

The reason that my poetry reading was very limited was because, on so many occasions, it was quite simply hard work. I enjoyed Wordworth’s Daffodils, and a few other isolated poems, but all too often I found the structures “awkward”, or the message buried too deep (Was there even a message?). In summary, so many of them were beyond my realms of understanding. Even today, I often come across poetry (usually modern)  that I simply shake my head at because, for whatever reason, it simply does not “work” for me.

So why did I write a book of poetry? It was really simple. I wanted to use poetic verse to cover various aspects of life, but in a form that was simple to read, and understandable. My rationale (which I admit is rather flawed), is that if I can read and get some understanding from it, then others should be able to (I did say it was flawed!).

Below is from my book “Just Thinking”, which is available from all major on-line book retailers (a link to amazon.com showing reviews is at the end).

“Until We Meet Again”

I went to bed at my usual time

And lay contemplating life,

But… then something strange happened.

I was outside… alone. Where was I?


It was all so very quiet.

Not a sound could be heard.

No birds or animals, nor wind in the trees,

I listened hard but… not a word.


I was just a little concerned,

Being in this silent scene.

I could see no way out.

Was I simply in a dream?


Then you appeared as a total surprise.

Walking towards me from out the mist.

I watched you come ever closer.

You smiled, and then took hold of my wrist.


Your touch was just so gentle.

Your smile was just so warm.

I could not help but follow you,

But… I wondered… where were we going?


Walking was quite effortless.

My feet not touching the ground.

It felt as if we were flying.

Moving so quickly… and without sound.


A patchwork quilt below me;

Above were clouds and blue sky;

There was an ethereal quality

To this mysterious journey of mine.


Then we came to a place

Where peace and love did abound.

There was an air of perfect harmony.

Heaven… had I found?


Then you spoke for the very first time.

You said you wanted me to see

That a better world could be mine.

It was entirely up to me.


How will I spend my remaining time?

What legacy will I leave?

One of compassion, sharing and love,

Or one of selfishness… and greed.


We were only there a moment,

Then you touched me once again.

Took me up into the skies,

And back to where we began.


I was already missing you

As you slowly walked away,

And disappeared back into the mist.

How I wished that you could have stayed.


But I know that we will meet again.

I know they’ll come a day,

When… once again… I’ll feel your gentle touch,

At a time not too far away.

8 thoughts on “I don’t like poetry!

  1. MY ADVICE as an English major and having a Master’s in literature and being in LOVE with poetry is…BUY THIS BOOK. Colin’s poetry is not only understandable (although pieces of it come back to “haunt” me and I take the book down from my shelf and reread a particular poem often), but moving and interesting, and worth the price of the book. I even used one of his poems with my Advanced Writing Class, and it caused the most wonderful discussion and a real “ah-ha” teaching moment. I highly recommend it!

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  2. I rather like reading and writing poetry. Like you, I prefer poems from here and there. I had a great teacher at school who loved poetry and communicated it so well. I love traditional folk music so that contains much poetry, especially rhyming narrative. Folk such as T.S. Eliot drive me up the wall but then they come up with such good lines that you forgive them. ‘Until we meet again’ is very moving and filled wirh powerful imagery.
    And sometimes poetry takes you to those places where other expression can’t enter. 😁

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  3. I’ve found that I have a much easier time listening to poetry than reading it – I often can’t slow my reading down to give poetry the time it deserves. But when someone reads poetry, I am forced to listen and think about it, and it makes it come alive for me.

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  4. For someone who really didn’t like poetry, couldn’t find the message, thought it was too much work, you certainly did a fine job with this poem! Believe me, if “I” can understand your poem, you should congratulate yourself Colin!! Well done.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. It’s always nice to meet somebody who also has issues with poetry. I often wonder whether some people are just trying too hard, or are trying to mimic a favorite poet’s style of writing…. instead of simply expressing themselves?


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