“Love from colin”!

Happy New Year Everybody! I have had a brief break from the blogosphere (Christmas to New Year), with the exception of responding to comments (basic courtesy), but now it’s time to get back into some routines … which includes blogging!

I have been going through boxes of photographs and letters, interspersed with various Christmas and Birthday cards, all in the endeavor of putting together a family history for anybody in the family who may be interested.

The other day, I came across an early school photograph of me which was inside its original presentation folder.

The folder is rather dated … but also cute because of its age however, on turning it over, I got a real surprise! The photograph of me I had seen before, as I have had a copy for many years, but the writing? It was obviously (to me) written for my Mum, and is the earliest version I have seen of my handwriting! The photograph is dated September 1954, so I would have been almost 8 years old! What a treasure!


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  1. A treasure indeed Colin. You were a cute little 8-year-old. Of great interest to me is the cover image. It looks like children playing a game which we call “Bok, bok, staan styf” (Afrikaans). I wonder if you can tell me how this was played in your country?

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    • Hi Hester – We knew it as “Leapfrog”. With just two of you, the positions would be rotated so you would be alternating positions. If a larger group, then a few might line up in the “bending over ” position, while the others “leap frogged” the whole line. The leap frog was running up to the person bending over; planting both hands firmly on their back; jumping forward while spreading ones legs to clear the person bending over. If all went well, one would land in front of the person bending over. Does that help? 🙂


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