My Buddy Ray!

It is with great sadness that I write to advise of Ray’s passing. He had developed a tumour on his left hind leg. Surgery would have meant leg removal, and it was believed that lumps in other parts of his body were likely also cancerous. Ray went from a happy, ears flapping dog, to one who was clearly in pain, could barely walk and need to be lifted up steps, in a matter of a few weeks.

Fortunately, we had a vet come out to our home (Ray had been curled up in the garden for the previous 3 hours or so), and she very gently put him to sleep. Once he was asleep, she administered the final injection. Ray was around 12 years old.

Farewell Ray. Wherever you are now, I hope we will meet again some day. You were the best!


Really going to miss you Buddy!


40 thoughts on “My Buddy Ray!

  1. It is 4:44 am here as I read this and I am so sorry and saddened to hear the news of Ray’s passing away. He came in your life as an angel and filled it with joy and understanding love. He touched so many lives across the globe with this stories and beautiful adventures. Colin, he has crossed T he rainbow 🌈 bridge and is in a place where he is free from all the pain he had to endure during his final hours. My sincere condolences to Carol and you. Please stay strong amidst these challenging times.

    To Ray, reading this in heaven:
    Buddy, rest in ease! We miss you 😢 so much

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  2. My grand-daughter also wanted her response added to this Post:

    I’m so, so sorry to hear this.

    It was such a joy to meet Ray and have our special moment and cuddle in the back of the car that time, I wish I could have seen him again, but hearing all about your adventures here and there and reading the beautiful book you wrote about him was so lovely.

    I will forever cherish the moment we had together because I know how special a guy he was to you both. I have so much respect for how much you dedicated to giving him a rich and peaceful life.

    May he rest in peace♡

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  3. Oh, no, I cannot believe what I read. I am so sorry for your and Carol’s loss Colin. But I’m sorry, is far from doing justice to what I would like to express. I know, I cannot imagine what Ray means to you, together with all the history that brought you two together. You gave him not only a home, you gave him a family and a wonderful lifetime. He may have adopted you but maybe because he knew that he would receive so much love 💖

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  4. I logged into my WordPress account after a long hiatus today. But it has always been my practice that whenever I log in after breaks, I come to your blog site first to get an overview of all the posts that I missed when I’m not around.

    I just got out of class when I read this post today and I’m really shocked. I’m sorry for your loss. This is sad, I had always hoped I could meet Ray in person some day.

    Woof woof to Ray! I’m sure he’s cheering up everyone else up there in the Heavens, I’m sure he is forever grateful for all the warmth given by you and Carol.
    Take care.

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  5. I received the following comment from my daughter, and she asked that it be added to the other comments here:

    Hi Dad & Carol, I am deeply saddened & shocked to hear how quickly Ray went downhill. I wish Ray & I didn’t trigger each other as much as we did. I would’ve liked to have been his friend & used him to get over my fear of dogs but…..

    Regardless, I know the love the 3 of you shared over the years.
    Losing a family pet is so tragic, not only did you lose a family member but you’re entire life has just changed.

    I have no doubt that not only were they 10 of the best years of Rays life but also 10 of best memories created in your lives.

    For what it’s worth, Ray is in a better place. No pain, with all the pets & animals that have gone before him.

    He was well loved by 2 very special people who loved a very sick dog, made him healthy & I believe loved him & took care of him like few people would have.

    Now he’s resting in peace.

    I hope in time Dad & Carol, you’ll find peace in that, in time😢😢😢
    Huge hugs
    From your daughter & me,

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  6. Colin, I’m so sorry to receive this sad news. You, Ray, Kali, and I have figuratively walked the past seven or eight years together and I feel as though I know Ray, and love him as one of my own. I know you are heartbroken but also know you did the right thing for Ray. I could go on and on but words I know would never do justice to the sorrow you must feel. Please know that I am thinking of you. Kali comes to me in my dreams quite often. I’m sure Ray will do the same with you. Take care my friend.

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  7. So sorry Colin! I so loved getting to know Ray through your book and posts. He was quite the dog and blessed to have found a wonderful home with you and Carol. Hugs ❤️ to you both! Pets are priceless to us, they become family.

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