Dear Diary – Page 1 (Mid 1940’s – The Beginning)

Dear Diary

The last few years of the 1940’s were really interesting.

Firstly, I was born! That happened in October 1946 apparently at 6:30am. My Mum later said that I arrived just in time for breakfast. This interest in food is with me to this day!

Obviously dates were important to my Mum and Dad because they made some notes that also in 1946, I offered my first smile. In 1947, I showed a first tooth; said “Da Da”; crawled and stood up. In 1948 I started walking. They were probably very proud of me at the time, but may have regretted it later when they realized how much trouble a walking Colin can get into!

Why was I called Colin? The story goes that my parents were expecting another girl (they already had Valerie) and had planned names accordingly. When I arrived, it apparently caught them totally off guard.

With only two varieties of babies available, you would think they would have planned better however, my Dad rushed out and bought a Radio Times* and started going through it looking for names. There was a pianist called Colin Yearsley (spelling uncertain) doing a concert one evening and they apparently liked the name! If the Radio Times had given his middle name, perhaps I would also have had one of those!

Valerie was born exactly 3yrs before me …… to the day! Here we are in Colwyn Bay enjoying ice creams in 1949!

1949 Me and Val 2

* The “Radio Times” was a weekly guide to the programs scheduled on BBC Radio. Note that at this time, there was only the BBC producing radio programs in England, and there was no television.

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  1. Wow, this is weird! My sister-in-law’s name is Valery, and her son is Collin — different spellings, but still, the same basic names in one family. 🙂 I enjoyed your post today, Colin! (Notice I got your name right?! LOL). My first word, I’m ashamed to admit, was a curse word, 😉

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  2. Interesting, I didn’t know that about you. See how much you learn reading your parents blog, it’s almost liking reading their diary so be careful because I do read every blog I may not comment but I read all of them and this new one is especially interesting to me. Love you Dad❤

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  3. How adorable this pic 🙂 being a 60’s baby i missed this..although i had a similar red coat..i was first born and given my Mums name..not out of tradition clearly my parents had none to choose from! yet three more were born after me and they managed 🙂 Fozziemum (which by the way is NOT my name haaha )

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  4. Oh wow. I had a coat like Valerie’s but my hat was a knitted bonnet that fitted squarely to my head and buttoned under the chin.
    Funny how our names are picked. I was expected to be a boy and would be called Robert. Mum was reading a book about a girl and her horse (glad they settled for Diana!) 🙂

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