Another Lululemon Story!

All the advice about how to create a successful Blog generally includes variety in subject matter. This Blog is about one dog so I try to make it as interesting as possible within the obvious limitations of having only one subject!

Lululemon figures prominently in my Posts simply because they are prominent in Ray’s life and while I have consciously been alert to different events for Posts, I could not resist this one ….. another Lululemon story.

We had been out walking with Ray and decided to head back home via downtown Oakville. As soon as Ray realized where we were going, his pace picked up; his gait became very light and springy (I am always in awe watching him like that. How can he make 75lbs on the move look effortless?) , and his tail was held high. He was excited! This was no surprise to us, but he was due for a disappointment because Lululemon would not be open at this time. of day.

As we approached the store, Ray pulled diagonally across the sidewalk and up to the front doors of a darkened Lululemon. We just watched, and waited for the appropriate time when he would understand that they were closed and we could continue on our way home. Ray was not understanding anything of the sort, but just stood and stared through the front door.

It was then that we noticed, at the back of the store, a group of people sitting on the floor clearly participating in some program. When Ray stares he generally gets attention and, true to past performance, we saw a young lady in the group turn and look at Ray. He immediately went into his sit position and focused totally on the young lady.

The class was disrupted as more people turned to look at this dog who was sitting outside the store and staring at them through the front door. Clearly they were Lululemon staff, and some may have even recognized Ray because the young lady who saw him first got up and walked over to the biscuit bowl. She then unlocked the front door and gave Ray his treat!

Ray was happy. We were happy that Ray was happy. What a perfect walk!

I often hear about people who do not walk their dog. Either the dog does not get a regular walk, or they arrange for somebody else to do it. That is such a shame because apart from the obvious (hopefully) benefits, it is so rewarding as one sees the dog showing its personality. That moment of watching Ray “lasering” the group and then sitting as soon as he saw a response was quite magical. The fact that his actions achieved the desired result will no doubt assure us of more situations of a similar nature!

21 thoughts on “Another Lululemon Story!

  1. What a great result for Ray and what a lovely lady rewarding him! I whole heartedly agree walking the dog is part of the fun of dog ownership on days where I’m not physically able my friends walk the dogs and I hate it! Don’t get me wrong I’m very grateful to my friends but I hate sitting in the house whilst they’re out having fun!

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    • I can understand that. I guess the mindset has to be that whatever time you can have is valued. I am sad for those who choose not to spend those times with their animals for they are missing out on so much.

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      • It’s the main reason I got my mobility scooter but I love my ‘better’ days as I can go to the woods where I can’t go on my scooter so I take the scooter and park it before the woods them can walk round a bit but wherever I take them I’m always laughing at their antics and it brings so much joy watching them these people don’t know what they’re missing

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  2. “Laser” is a good description. My cats do it too and it works (at least on me). I always know what they want. I often wish I could walk my cats but that will never happen. They are not that kind of cat.

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  3. I’m don’t know what I’m more impressed with Rays resolve to get noticed, or the staff going the ‘extra mile’ in customer service to one of their (obviously favourite) patrons. Congratulations to Lululemon and of course RAY 🙂

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